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AE2 Over the Ear Headphones From BOSE

by Kris Tabacco
(Royal Oak, Michigan, United States)

Bose AE2 Headphones

Bose AE2 Headphones

I have spent months listening to the sound quality of BOSE headphones every time I go into a store, such as Best Buy, that displays the models for you to hear. I have sampled them next to other brands, even, and have heard the difference in quality...but I have been hesitating over the price.

2 weeks ago, I bought a new laptop at Micro Center, and finally gave in and spent the money on a pair of BOSE over the ear AE2's. Oh my gosh! Why did I wait so long?? SO WORTH IT!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

I've spent a lot of time with my new lap top, watching movies and re-connecting with my (extensive) music library. I can lie down in my bed, w/these headphones on to watch a movie, on my side and I barely feel like I have headphones on, they are so comfortable!!

As far as the sound goes....crisp and clear doesn't begin to describe it, you hear all the layers of your music, listening to your music through these headphones is a multi-dimensional experience...I swear, if Keith Richards drops his cigarette in the studio, I will hear it hit the ground! A lot of my CDs sound like new albums to me now.

I've read a few online reviews saying they're are over priced, but if you can afford them or take your music seriously, you will find them well worth the money...I am not sorry that I bought them. I have, in the past, spent $50 on headphones that didn't sound half as good, broke down quickly and were never comfortable to that, to me, is a waste of money.

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