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Aiwa Headphones
Aiwa HP-AK100, Aiwa HP-AJ123 and Aiwa HP-EL101 Earlink Headphones

We take a look at some of the most popular Aiwa headphones — including the Aiwa HP-AK100, Aiwa HP-AJ123 and Aiwa HP-EL101 Earlink headphones.

About Aiwa

Aiwa is an electronics company founded in Japan in 1951. They had a very successful stint in the 1970's and 80's producing audio and video equipment that was sold worldwide.

In 2003, after being bought by the Sony Corporation, Aiwa decided it would become more "youth oriented". This was a move made to target the 13-25 year old market, thus branching out from the 30-60 year old market that was already intact because of Aiwa's previous success.

Aiwa presently produces a wide variety of electronics. Their vast selection of headphones makes it easy for anyone to find what they are looking for, in both sound and style.

Aiwa HP-AK100 Headphones

Aiwa HP-AK100 Headphones
Aiwa's HP-AK100 headphones are built for comfort. They are suitable for long listening sessions, whether you want to listen to music, watch DVD's, or otherwise.

The open-air design places the drive unit away from the ear, which helps make the listening experience more natural by preventing unwanted sound reverberation.

Users find that, for the price ($87), the sound and comfort are exceptional. The long chord makes them ideal for relaxing, long listening sessions. The headphones do not rest on your ear, thus avoiding the problem of your ears hurting by the end of a long session.

They are bulky headphones, so they are not ideal for "on the go" listening. If you're looking for a set of reasonably priced headphones to be used specifically for sound quality and longer sessions, these are the headphones for you.

Best price on the Aiwa HP-AK100

Aiwa HP-AJ123 Headphones

Aiwa HP-AJ123 Headphones
These behind-the-head headphones are built to be lightweight and comfortable. The neckband is designed to sit on the back of your neck, so as not to interfere with your hair, while allowing you to wear a hat if you want to.

These are versatile headphones. These come in several different colors, allowing the buyer to make more stylistic choices based on what they like.

Users find the sound quality of these Aiwa headphones to be good, but not great for the price ($30). The behind-the-head design is ideal for multipurpose use. They are good for listening to music on the move, or stationary listening.

The way the headphones rest on your ear can be uncomfortable for someone with glasses. Also, one user found the earphone pads to be extremely cheap, in that they fell apart after a short period of use.

These headphones are ideal if you want the versatility of style, and lightweight comfort. Each person has different reactions to how the headphones fit them, making these a purchase to be made at the discretion of the particular user.

Best price on the Aiwa HP-AJ123

Aiwa HP-EL101 Earlink Headphones

Aiwa HP-EL101 Earlink Headphones
These Aiwa headphones are designed to match quality sound with lightweight, small in-ear technology. They are ideal for listening to music while working out, jogging, or doing anything on the move.

The trendy design of these headphones, along with the different colors they come in, makes them a suitable choice for someone looking for a more fashionable option.

Users found the sound quality to be good for these styles of headphones, and for the price ($19.99). They are, however, more of a stylistic choice than they are a choice in sound quality.

As with most small, in-ear headphones, comfort differs from person to person. Some users found the ear buds to be a bit too bulky; while others liked the way they fit. It depends on the size and shape of the users ear, and how that matches up with the size and shape of the headphones.

Best price on the Aiwa HP-EL101 Earlink headphones


Aiwa is a brand that had its heyday some time ago. Yet, they have made an effort to appeal to the new trends going on in electronics today. They have a wide variety of headphones to appease different styles and sound quality needs.

In that sense, the consumer is able to pick their headphones based on personal preferences of style and/or sound quality. People tend find a brand of headphones that fits their specific needs based simply on personal preference, and they stick with that brand.

It is the same with these: if you find a pair of Aiwa headphones that you like, you may want to stick with the same brand.

Other Aiwa Headphones

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