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Best AKG Headphones
Headphone Reviews of the AKG K-701, AKG K-27i and AKG K-340 Earbuds

Here we review some of the very best AKG headphones: Acoustics K-27i Folding Closed-back headphones, K-701 White headphones, and K-340 In-Canal Bud headphones.

These different AKG headphones models may fit different users' different personal needs.

About AKG

AKG is a legendary name in microphones, and it has also created a reputation for other superior-quality audio-related electronics equipment such as headphones since its inception in 1947.

AKG was founded in Vienna in that year by Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ernst Pless. It didn't take long for the brand name AKG to become synonymous with “superior” sound quality in microphones.

The company began making headphones in 1949. AKG headphones are in high demand.

AKG Acoustics K-27i Folding Closed-back Headphones

AKG K-27i Headphones
The K-271 AKG headphones can fold up and be placed easily in someone's jeans pocket, jacket pocket, or any other standard sized pocket. Users find these to have powerful highs and lows, with just a little bit of wash-out in the mid-range pitches precisely because the more extreme sonic ends are so powerful.

Users find that, for the price ($35 to $80), they are excellent for playing mp3s and have excellent noise-reduction qualities, too.

Their physical design might not be quite as good as their sonic quality. Users find they tend to fit tightly at first, although this seems to fade as the foam construction "gets used to" a particular head.

But they also seem prone to easy breakage, and some users have found AKG's customer service less than ideal about handling this problem for them.

Excellent headphones for the price, but keep in mind that this is a lower-end price range and the relative listening quality will follow suit.

Best price on the AKG K-27i

AKG K-701 White headphones

AKG K-701 Headphones
These are definitely higher-end AKG headphones, with a price tag of around $300 and possibly more. And in the sound quality department, it seems that these over-ear headphones are virtually incapable of disappointing.

Users cannot say enough good things about the sound quality, which gives the user that special feeling of "I'm there!" acoustics.

These headphones are especially coveted by music aficionados, some of whom would happily pay two to three times more money for them. These users especially love the bass, which they say is so realistic that they can hear the bassists' skin moving across their instruments!

Even most high-end headphones make use of a "simulacrum" bass feed to the ears, but apparently the K-701 headphones are something from another dimension here!

Music lovers furthermore love all of the pitch ranges that these headphones deliver to the listener, and users who have vinyl recordings say that they often make them sound every bit as good as CDs.

However, it seems that these headphones must be broken in for quite a while—approx. 300 listening hours! Their drivers are so intense that they can deliver harsh-sounding, metallic audio at first.

Like a fine wine, they need an aging process first, so their high-intensity drivers calm down so that their true quality can be appreciated. Also, these headphones may not sound good at all, for anybody, unless they have an equally high-quality (that is, expensive) audio source.

Some users also question their durability.

Best price on the AKG K-701

AKG K-340 In-Canal Bud Headphone

AKG K-340 Earbud Headphones
At $100 to $125, these K-340 buds are a high-end ear bud.

Many people don't appreciate a sound source sitting right against their ear drum, but then again the ear buds make for great traveling 'phones.

These particular buds come with special silicone sleeves that allow for the full range of sonic fullness and they can be used by fans of all music genres and their relative sonic quality seems to be unsurpassed!

Unfortunately, AKG seems to have some real customer service problems. If those sleeves tear the midrange is flushed down the toilet bowl, and users say the only way to get them replaced is to buy a whole new unit—not good at all considering the price range.

Also, some users who love their sound quality still find them uncomfortable in their ears.

Best price on the AKG K-340


AKG is a living legend in audio. Different AKG headphones will fit the needs of different groups of people.

AKG headphones come in a very wide range of styles and price ranges. The reports of their poor customer service are disturbing, to say the least.

But as far as the end product you buy, if you select it to fit your needs carefully you will get what you pay for...maybe more.

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