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AKG K141 Monitor Headphones
High end audiophile headphones from AKG

The AKG K141 are high end audiophile headphones designed for studio use yet affordable at the same time.

Headphones make listening to music and watching movies more private and much more enjoyable for the end user and others around them.

More often than not, people around you will not be able to hear sounds coming from your headphone and as such you do not disturb them. Noise isolation headphones especially help to isolate background noise and keep others from hearing sounds coming from the headphone as well.

There are many different kinds of headphones suited to many purposes. Many headphone manufacturers produce both the entry-level and high-end forms of headphones in various categories. Entry-level headphones are made to satisfy the basic needs of customers.

Such entry-level headphones are usually made with ordinary basic technological and physical features to satisfy primary needs of passive listeners. These entry-level headphones are cheap and come at affordable rates to customers.

On the other hand, high-end headphones are produced with more specialized and sophisticated technology that sees them perform their functions at an optimal level. These high-end headphones are produced with high quality materials which make them more durable and pleasing to the eye.

Thus, the high-end variety of headphones in any headphone category is usually more expensive. Top quality high-end headphones are usually made to satisfy the needs of audiophiles and professionals in the music industry.

Disc jockeys and music producers in particular need to get the best quality sounds in order to hear very little sound details that improve the overall quality of their work. Monitor headphones are suited to disc jockeys in particular as they are made especially for studio work.

There are different monitor headphones on the market produced by different manufacturers. Some of the best studio headphones are produced by AKG.


AKG K 141 Monitor Headphones
The AKG K141 monitor headphones are supra-aural (semi-open) headphones that were made especially for studio listening.

Basic features of these headphones include 600 ohm impedance that enhances different studio applications, a semi-open design which combines with dynamic speakers to produce deep bass and airy open high frequency sound and a small coupling volume system which improves sound quality and magnitude.

Product specifications of these headphones include sensitivity of 98dB SPL/mW, frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.4%, maximum output power of about 200mV and a highly rated impedance of 600 ohms.

Sound quality from these headphones is excellent and we see them produce full, well defined bass sounds with crystal clear mids and crisp highs devoid of shrill attributes.

Tiny little details of your music can be heard with these headphones and even extraneous background noise such as breathing and body movements may be heard.

For more intense listening conditions such as can be obtained in studios, these headphones are one of the best in their category. This may be the reason why many studios opt for this particular headphone for use with sophisticated, high fidelity equipment.

The AKG K141 monitor headphones were built with solid materials which make them very durable, even when treated roughly. These headphones come at a very affordable price of about a hundred dollars in most retail stores.

For their price, you will find it very hard to get a more utility studio headphone out there that provides such distinct sound detail.

Best price on the K141


Get a unique studio listening experience with the AKG K141 headphones. You will hear your music in distinct details that proves that these headphones are really meant for studio use.

Audiophiles and disc jockeys alike will find these headphones particularly useful, providing full range all round sounds. Combining these headphones with high fidelity equipment completes the studio effect and you will not regret buying these for your studio.

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