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AKG K240 Headphones
Review of the AKG K240s, AKG 240 Features

The AKG K240 are some great headphones if you can stomach the price and don't mind primarily using them while sitting at home.

They have their drawbacks like any other products, but they're worth checking out at least once.


AKG K240
The AKG K240 run about $100 per pair and have the sound quality to match.

A brief history of these is that they've been around for more than 20 years with some minor tweaks and changes. They were used for everything from bedroom recordings to the pros.

Managing to withstand the test of time, they still hold their own when compared to more contemporary offerings.

They are modular allowing you to replace individual parts that may break rather than having to buy an entire set of new headphones.

The sound reproduction on these things is nothing short of stellar. The lows come across smooth without much hissing, and the highs clear and defined without a hint of tininess, the mid range come through clean and without being over represented which can sometimes happen on other headphones.

Physically the headphones are of the over ear can variety, whether you count this a positive or negative is ultimately personal opinion.

They're also vented making them more comfortable to wear for long periods and less likely for you to have problems with sweaty ears. Even after spending hours with these on there shouldn't be a very noticeable difference in comfort than when you first tossed them on.

Another neat little trick these have is that their cord only plugs into one side eliminating the cumbersome Y shaped cords and making for easier use, and storage.

Best price on the K240


Though these cans may have some great points they're certainly not flawless. Most of the flaws that arise come from using them on the go.

For instance they claim to only require 55 ohms to be properly driven, but they simply don't sound like it actually plugged into a portable media device.

Sure, you could by an amp, but then you're sinking even more money into these and notably decreasing the portability which defeats the purpose of a portable media player in the first place.

Then there is the durability problem. Although the parts are replaceable most people would rather not have to. The connectors and cords aren't all that sturdy and their detach-ability comes at the expense of a truly solid feel.

Another problem that can come up depending on your particular head dimensions is the fit of the headphones. If your head is a bit too small you won't have a way to get them to clasp on to your head properly.

Also there's a fairly good chance that a portion of the cup of the cans will rest on some portion of your ear regardless of the size of your head.

One last thing that some people may worry about when looking at headphones is the noise canceling properties. To put it bluntly these don't have any beyond the fact that they cover your ears, and even then the vents that provide air circulation let outside sounds in.


All in all these headphones will be great for some and terrible for others.

If you're looking for a great pair of cans to plug into your stereo or computer these are awesome, but if you plan to do much more than that look elsewhere.

These make a great choice for at home music producers over costlier studio monitors. Don't forget about the price either, at $100 these aren't cheap and if you need to move around with them often you'd need another pair of headphones to not risk breaking these.

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