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Amplified Headphones
Reviews of Headphones with Built in Amplifiers

Amplified headphones come with built-in amplifiers that enhance sound capacity in such headphone types.

Stereo amplifiers increase the sound capacity of music from any device to higher proportions and drops musical beats and lyrics in distinct high level capacities. The same idea is employed in headphones with built-in amplifiers.

These headphones transform ordinary sounds from your musical device into robust sounds that beat sound quality from other headphones.

Amplified sounds can sometimes become artificial though such as in cases where the bass becomes boomy and higher pitched sounds become hollow to the ears.

Quality of sound is thus an important feature in amplified headphones as amplification of sound alone does not necessarily result in good quality sound.

Most major headphone manufacturers have put this important observation into consideration and produce amplified headphones with basic technological features that also improve sound quality.

Sound amplification should work hand in hand with quality sound production in amplified headphones to produce all round better sounds.

Skullcandy Skullcrushers

Skullcandy SCS-SCW3.5 Skullcrushers Amplified Headphones
The Skullcandy Skullcrushers are subwoofer stereo headphones that produce great bass.

These headphones are over the ear headphones with soft earpads that fit tightly but comfortably over the ears.

Thus, they help to isolate background noise while using them to listen to music.

The Skullcrushers have a built-in amplified subwoofer system which is battery operated and enhances its bass response.

The subwoofers are vibrating subwoofers and thus lack the ability to produce adequate bass sounds in the 50Hz-200Hz range. This is hardly noticeable though and only the most critical of audiophiles will find this small region of bass that is lacking a great disadvantage.

The inline bass adjuster of this headphone allows you to adjust the bass when listening to different genres of music with different degrees of bass.

The subwoofer system makes these headphones sound like a home theater system especially when using them to watch movies.

The Skullcrushers live up to their name and sounds from them at high volume levels can literally crush your skull.

They fold up pretty nicely and can be carried around in a carry-on case. Some accessories that come with this headphone include a 6.3mm plug-in adapter, an airline adapter, two AA batteries and a pouch.

Best price on the Skullcandy Skullcrushers

Ear Force X1 Stereo Headset

Ear Force X1 Stereo Amplified Headphones
The Ear Force X1 stereo headset is a great accessory to use while playing video games.

Particularly made for the Xbox360, this headset comes with a built-in amplifier and microphone for communicating while playing games.

The amplifier system enhances its sound capacity for a better gaming experience. Gamers can now pump up the volume on their game console without disturbing friends and family or neighbors.

These headsets allow you to hear even minute sound detail which makes for an amazing gaming experience.

These headsets come with a lot of wires though and it is quite a task to fix them up successfully.

Initially, you may have problems such as hissing sounds and sound interference from different sources but with some troubleshooting, you will find the source of the problem and tackle it adequately.

Seriously speaking, serious gamers will find these headsets a gift from Turtle Beach.

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Beats Studio Headset by Dr. Dre

Beats Studio Headset by Dr. Dre Amplified Headphones
The production of the beats studio headset was inspired by Dr. Dre and produced by Monster.

This headset was produced to give users a feel of what the original beats from studio productions really sound like.

From hip hop to rap to classical music, these headphones properly represent every little sound detail.

Product features of these headphones include specially designed extra large speaker drivers that drive powerful sound, a high-end digital amplifier that helps to boost sound capacity, large earcups that effectively act as earmuffs thereby isolating background noise, isonitalk caller button and microphone for use with iPhones and Monster headphone cable for a more balanced sound.

These headphones produce clean and clear sounds with little or no distortions or exaggerated highs or lows.

The closed design of its earcups helps to block out noise from the surroundings. The build of this headphone is not rigid as they fold up nicely and are very light.

The amplified system works hand in hand with the drivers to boost sound capacity. Quality of sound is also above average and even the most experienced audiophiles can't go wrong with these headphones.

These headphones work with two AAA batteries that fit into the left compartment. They come with a carry-on case and can be stored nicely for easy portability.

Best price on the Beats Studio Headset by Dr. Dre


Amplification capabilities in headphones come at a price.

Though sound capacity is relatively enhanced, to a large extent, sounds tend to be noticeably artificial. Bass booms and shrill high pitched sounds are usually present in these kinds of headphones but recent technology has been researched to tackle this problem.

The best amplified headphones on the market are those that come with recent technology that helps improve sound quality. This can be seen in most amplified headphone brands that are primarily geared towards sound quality.

The above mentioned headphones are ranked as some of the best amplified headphones on the market and you will not go wrong in picking any one of them that best suits your needs.

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