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Apple Earphones with Remote and Microphone Review
Earbud Headphones for your iPod or iPhone

The Apple earphones are budget earbud headphones specially designed for your iPod or iPhone, and come with a remote and microphone.

The Apple company is a known brand name in the electronics and mobile phone industries. Their products are labeled high quality as they are built with high quality materials and the latest innovation technologies in the industry.

The Apple Company is the maker of the widely used iPods of different kinds and the Apple iPhone. A lot of accessories are available for these music devices and iPhones which make them a joy to have.

Earphones made by Apple are one of the most important accessories that come with these music devices as they personalize listening experience and support on the go use.

There are many headphones on the market made by different manufacturers that can also be used for iPods and mp3 players. Depending on your preferences, you can get an earphone that caters for your needs and matches your iPod.

There are different types of headphones on sale that are made to perform different specific functions.

Apple earphones are basically headphones with earpieces that fit into the ear and can be used with iPods. These earphones are ergonomically designed to fit into the ear canal and help to isolate background noise.

These Apple earphones fit into the outer ear but these do not effectively isolate background noise.

In general, the Apple earphones are light and can be carried around easily with your iPod or iPhone.


Apple Earphones
The Apple earphones with remote and microphone is an earphone that comes with a control panel complete with different control buttons located on the cable of the right earpiece which enables users to control volume and playback options easily.

It is an Apple iPod earphone that can be used to listen to music with all generations of iPods.

The remote and microphone though are only compatible with the iPod Classic, the second generation iPod Touch and the fourth generation iPod Nano.

The inbuilt microphone allows users to record voice notes which can be played back at a more convenient time using the remote playback options.

These Apple earbuds are lightweight, weighing just 1.8 ounces.

The sound quality from this headphone is good and it can be used to make calls to other mobile phones and through Skype or other supported Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) media.

Music over the internet through iTunes using your computer is made easier and more enjoyable using these headphones.

Due to their light weight, they can easily be carried along and used while travelling. Many iPod users will find these earphones useful as they come in handy and perform many different basic functions.

The remote and microphone applications are particularly useful, providing a communication interface for the user.

These earphones are moderately priced at just below thirty dollars depending on where you purchase them and many people should find this price quite affordable for an apple headset.

These Apple earbuds come in mainly white color to fit a majority of iPods and iPhones on the market but black colored earphones of this kind are also found. There are many kinds of earphones made for the Apple iPod, but these stand out as the pick of the bunch.

Best price on the Apple Earbuds


For a more convenient way to listen to music on your iPod, these Apple earphones offer a reliable option. They are more durable than the headphones that originally come with your iPod and will not break easily.

Apple earbuds are mostly in-ear headphones that are affixed in the ears.

These earphones have a reputation of being lightweight and comfortable, providing the user a comfortable listening experience. They also support extended wear and you will not feel the urge to take them off even after several hours of wear.

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