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Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B
Audio Technica Headphones ATH-ANC 7B Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

The Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B noise cancelling headphones are from the Japanese corporation Audio Technica who specialize in making excellent audio equipment.

These headphones promise not to disappoint either.


Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B
These headphones from Audio Technica have noise cancelling features and can be purchased for around $120.

According to the description they can reduce noise from the outside by 85%. Weighing only 2 pounds they are lightweight, can be folded flat for travel and are quite compact.

The nice soft foam on the earpieces is great on your ears and the padding on the top part of the headphones is made of the same material as the earpieces.

It is soft and comfortable on your head and lightweight so it won't put a lot of pressure on your head or ears.

The headphone cables can be detached and therefore be replaced easily in case of fault or damage which is great. There is also a soft mesh of cloth on the inside of earpieces to be extra-soft on your ears. A nice little bonus gimmick with no attributes that alter the quality of the sound in any way.

The earpieces go over your ear and if you have smaller ears they will cover your ears entirely. The headphones come in a nice hard case with headphone adapters and fit well in the portable case. You only need one AAA battery and that battery goes into the right earpiece.

The noise cancellation feature of the headphones works great. To activate it you just have to turn on a switch on the outside of the left earpiece and a blue LED will indicate that the noise cancellation function is active.

It will naturally not completely cancel out all noise, but it will dampen the sounds in the lower frequency area quite effectively. Higher frequencies (such as a conversation between two women), especially within the near vicinity of you and your headphones, will of course still bypass the noise cancellation feature.

Best price on the ATH-ANC7B


Now there is sadly a big difference with hearing music and the sound quality when you have noise cancellation on and when you have it off. If you listen to music without the noise cancellation the music will sound as if it were coming through an aquarium.

Everything will be cushioned to the extent that it sounds like the sound is being cancelled instead. With noise cancellation on the music becomes clearer but the low end frequency tunes don't come across well.

The volume also gets a boost when you activate the noise cancellation, probably to ensure noise cancellation is ensured not only by the noise cancellation features of the headphone but also the loud music.

All in all the sound quality is not as good as you would expect for the price you are paying as lower tunes are ok, but higher tunes and the midrange are just unsatisfactory as a whole.

Another big problem is the sound leakage.

At an average volume you will get a lot of sound leaking and other people in your near vicinity will most probably hear the music you are listening to, even more so should you turn up the volume, but that's only when noise cancellation is off.

If you turn it on, the volume boost becomes active as well, thus increasing the entire volume as a whole and the entire noise leakage!

All In All

The Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B headphones offer a great value for the price, and as such are one of the most popular noise cancelling headphones available.

However, the noise leakage is annoying for anyone who doesn't like your music and the noise cancellation feature might be efficient to a certain extent, but the total sound quality has to suffer due to this fact and that is a shame.

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