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Review of the Beats Studio Noise Cancelling Headphones by Dr. Dre

The Beats by Dre series of headphones inspired by the popular music artist and producer, Dr. Dre are highly advanced headphones that provide optimal audio clarity, successfully redefining listening potential of headphones in general.

Dr. Dre was determined to effectively reproduce beats that were produced in the studio through headphones that will hardly reduce the quality of such beats in any way to the listener.

Musical sound details are not completely reproduced in most headphones and users end up not hearing all the music.

The beats series of headphones were produced after three years of thorough research which culminated in the production of headphones that totally represent the complete studio efforts of artists and producers alike.

With these headphones, people can now enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard and distinct beats are heard all the way.

The digital audio industry produces profound sound details that are hardly represented in many headphones on the market today.

As technology improves, audio recording becomes more technical, producing better all round sounds. Musical sound reproduction in many music devices and by extension headphones do not do justice to musical beats and people end up not hearing music in complete detail.

The Beats by Dre series of headphones have taken care of this abnormality and music can now be heard in complete detail.

There are three headphones in this series, each of which are made to specifications and perform the function of reproducing sounds through headphones in minute detail.


Beats Studio Headphone by Dr. Dre
The Beats Studio headphones are high definition, noise cancelling, over the ear headphones inspired by Dr. Dre.

These headphones were made precisely to enhance audio sounds and reproduce them as they were produced right from the studio.

Audiophiles will definitely fall in love with these headphones.

Some advanced technological features that enable these headphones perform at a high level include; a special driver design that enhances audio clarity, Monster headphone speakers for a more robust sound, sound isolation technology which helps to cut out background noise and frequency response ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz.

The frequency range represents high and low sound frequencies with clean and clear bass response. Treble and higher pitched sounds are slightly underrepresented but not noticeably so.

Instrumental separation is quite effective with these headphones but the sound stage is quite tiny for a headphone of this caliber.

worldofzuneco The noise isolation capability of this headphone is effected through its circumaural earpad design. Active noise cancellation is also represented in this headphone but this slightly reduces the sound quality.

These earphones are quite comfortable with lots of padding on the earcups and extra space for more comfort. They are lightweight headphones and can be folded up for easier mobility.

The durability of these headphones is suspect as they tend to fall apart after some time if extra care is not taken with them.

Accessories that come with the Beat Studio by Dre hi-def noise cancelling headphones include; Monster isonitalk iPhone cable, Monster Cable headphone cable, carrying case, two AAA batteries and an anti-microbial cleaning cloth.

Best price on the Beats Studio Headphones by Dr. Dre


For better all round sound that brings you closer to the source of sound production, the Beats by Dre headphones are a must have.

These headphones are very good sound quality headphones that have a comfortable mobile design. Different people have different ways in which they perceive sounds but the average audiophile will be satisfied with these headphones.

Though they are quite pricey, the price is justified in its sound production capabilities.

Very few people will have complaints about these headphones, so get reacquainted with the beats by using the Beats Studio by Dre hi-def noise cancelling headphones.

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