The Black Zune: Stylish and Elegant

Nothing says style and elegance like a black Zune.

Black conveys style and elegance. Black conveys style and elegance.

Black is elegance. Black is style. Black is power.

Ever wonder why a tuxedo is worn to any fancy event? Well now you know!

Does this resonate with you? Are you stylish? Elegant? Powerful?

Or a goth? (Yes, black has a very wide appeal! But you don't have to be a goth to like black.)

If so, run, to a black Zune!

Black is the most popular Zune color. And for good reason. You just can't go wrong with black!

Black is my color of choice for a Zune. For that matter it's my color of choice for any mp3 player. I used to own a black iPod nano too.

And there is great news. EVERY Zune is available in black. So no matter what Zune you are looking for, you'll find it in black!

The black Zune you buy will fall into one of two major categories.

Option #1: A flash Zune

If you are at fitness fanatic, look no further! Now you can be fit and stylish at the same time with a flash-based black Zune.

Zune 4, Zune 8 and Zune 16

Zune 4 GB (Black)
This flash-based black Zune comes in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB sizes.

Choose from 4GB , 8 GB or 16 GB models.

The right one for you will depend on the size of your music collection. Although with a Zune pass you may have more songs than you think. You can download the entire Zune marketplace catalog. You are only limited by space.

For more information on these Zune models, click here.

Zune HD

Zune HD 16 GB (Black) The 16GB Zune HD is available in black.

The all-new Zune HD is also available in black. It has to - no other mp3 player can come close in terms of sleekness and elegance!

Only the 16 GB model is available in black.

Learn more about the Zune HD here.

Option #2: A hard drive Zune

Zune 80 and Zune 120

Zune 80 GB (Black)
Both the 80GB and 120GB hard drive Zune models are available in black.

Are you all about watching video on the go?

Do you absolutely need to carry every song you've ever heard in your pocket?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, a hard drive Zune is the one for you!

Choose from 80 GB and 120GB models.

Learn more about them here.

And seriously consider the Zune HD as well. The video experience and features will more than compensate for it's ability to carry fewer videos.

Zune 30

Zune 30 GB (Black)
The first generation 30GB Zune is available in black.

Lastly, you can even pick the Zune 30 since it's available in black too.

Click here for more information on the black 30 GB Zune.

Black RULES!! Go Black!

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