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Best Stereo Bluetooth Headphones
Reviews of Sony DRBT50, MOTOROKR S9 and Jabra BT620s blue tooth headphones

If you're looking for stereo bluetooth headphones, check out these top picks from Sony, Motorola and Jabra.

About Bluetooth Headphones

With all of the advancements of the mobile phones and music players of today, there have also been many advances in headphones as well.

Bluetooth headphones are becoming more and more popular, giving owners of mobile devices headphones without any cords. The lack of cords makes the headphones more portable and more convenient when you are carrying around a cellular phone or other mobile device.

Sony DRBT50

Sony DRBT50 Bluetooth Headphones
One of the most popular Bluetooth headphone brands is Sony. Sony's headphones are known for having great sound quality and durability.

The Sony DRBT50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset is one of the best Bluetooth headphones on the market. Since it carries the Sony brand name, you can expect it to have good quality for a reasonable price.

These headphones have a 40mm amp in the headphones that also have neodymium magnets to help enhance the sound quality.

To improve the comfort of wearing these headphones, there are earpieces with an auranomic design within them.

On one of the earpieces, there is remote control. This controller allows you to control the tracks playing and the volume functions of the music. This is very convenient, because you don't have to get out your mobile device to control those aspects, adding to their portability.

Instead of having to keep buying batteries over and over again, these Sony headphones are rechargeable. On one full charge, the standby time for the Bluetooth headphones is approximately 200 hours.

Although these headphones have high ratings, they don't come without problems. One thing that many users of these headphones had a problem with was with the syncing. Some of them stated that the syncing system seemed too cryptic for new users.

These Sony Bluetooth headphones can be picked up for around $110, if you shop around online.

Best price on the Sony DRBT50

Motorola MOTOROKR S9

MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth Headphones
Another upcoming contender into the headphone market is Motorola. Probably the most popular Motorola headphones are the MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.

With these headphones, you can integrate all of the functions of these headphones into a mobile phone or a music player. So, you can talk on your mobile phone right from the headphones without even touching the phone.

The design of these headphones is great for hands-free activities, because they are behind-the-neck headphones.

One of the most innovative features about these Motorola headphones is that they have touch sensitive controls. With these touch controls, all you have to do is activate the buttons and you control the device's phone and music player functions.

With all of these hands-free features, these headphones are perfect for people who lead active lifestyles. So, you can just go do your activities without worrying about the cords from headphones or taking out your mobile device to change your tunes.

Also included is a rechargeable battery that can get you more than 6 hours of battery life on a single charge.

One problem that customers have with this device is that they aren't very water resistant. Consumers have complained that if sweat drips down into the device, the speakers can malfunction and cease to work.

If you shop around online, these headphones can be found for about $60.

Best price on the MOTOROKR S9

Jabra BT620s

Jabra BT620s Bluetooth Headphones
Jabra is a brand of Bluetooth headphones that are starting to become more and more popular, especially for mobile devices, such as cell phones with music functionality.

With these headphones, you can control your entire music collection and your phone right from your headphones. You can be in a separate room from your music player or phone and still control your music or calls. This is very convenient, because you could let your mobile charge in one place while you walk around and do other things.

This device uses Bluetooth 1.2, so it is compatible with most of any devices that have Bluetooth integration.

With one single charge of the rechargeable battery in this device, you get: 240 hours of standby time, 14 hours of play time, and 16 hours of talk time. This type of wonderful battery life from just your headphones can make the battery life of your mobile device last longer.

This is because you won't be changing songs, turning the screen on/off, and/or talking on it all the time.

For extra comfort, there are multiple ear cushions that pad your ears from the speakers, so you can wear them for extended period of time.

The MSRP of these headphones is $100, but they can be found for about $60 online and in stores.

Best price on the Jabra BT620s

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