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Bose Headset
Review of the Bose Mobile In-ear Headset

Here we take a look at a Bose headset, an in-ear headset for your mobile phone from legendary audio pioneer Bose.

The Bose Company is renowned for its dedication to research and excellence in producing some of the best electronic products on the market today.

New and better technology is utilized in creating their products which have become a yardstick for the latest technology in the industry.

Bose is responsible for the production of a wide variety of electronic products including headphones. Most Bose headphones rank among the best in any headphone category with improved features that are developed and modified regularly.

Headsets are mainly used for mobile phones and they enable users to answer calls without having to reach for the phone.

Bose headsets are made to cater for the diverse needs of a wide range of users, employing the most advanced technology available. These headsets can be used with different mobile phones which have a compatible stereo headphone jack.

Some headsets made by Bose are also Bluetooth enabled and can be used with phones that have the Bluetooth wireless technology.


Bose Mobile In-ear Headset
The Bose mobile in-ear headset is an earbud headphone that can be used with many mobile phones in the market.

This headset provides optimal sound quality that simply speaks Bose.

Like most Bose headphones, this headset comes with advanced technological features geared towards providing all round balanced sounds.

From very low frequencies to high frequencies, sound is represented without artificial bass boost and shrill high pitched sounds. Sounds from this headphone are well balanced and clear for optimal listening experience.

This headset is lightweight, weighing about 0.6 ounces and measuring 1 by 0.6 by 1.3 inches.

The Bose mobile in-ear headset features an inline microphone that produces clear sounds when you speak.

Other features of this headset include specially designed earbuds that are very comfortable in the ear, one touch switching between call and music mode, and Triport acoustic headphone build.

Due to its specially designed silicone-tipped earbuds which are designed to rest just outside the ear canal, these headphones can be used for hours on end without feeling the slightest bit of being uncomfortable.

Three sizes of contoured tips for the earbuds are also provided so each user can choose the perfect fit for his ears.

The earbuds are not designed to block out noise with only a small portion fitting into the ear canal.

These headsets will work with a list of mobile phones provided on the Bose product website and a host of other mobile phones with a compatible headphone jack. It is also compatible with many iPhones and iPods produced by Apple.

A few accessories come in a box with this headset which include a 3.5mm and three 2.5mm adapters, three sizes of silicone tips (small, medium and large), lanyard, clothing clips and a carrying case that can store the headset, a mobile phone and adapters.

The Bose mobile in-ear headset is one of the more functional headsets produced by Bose with different options available.

Best price on the Bose Mobile In-ear Headset


Mobile headsets are convenient for use with mobile phones especially those with wireless capabilities. Though a majority of them may be lightweight and not durable to large extent, with proper care, they will last.

The Bose headset is particularly sound efficient and durability is not a major problem with it.

Price remains a huge factor with many Bose headphones as these products are deemed to be unreasonably expensive and more often than not do not justify their high prices.

Taking into consideration their price, the Bose mobile in-ear headset may not be the most economical on the market and value for money is not totally justified.

For an all round better sounding mobile in-ear headset though, these are on for the money.

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