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Bose In Ear Headphones
Bose Noise Reduction Headphones

If you want noise reduction and comfort in a compact size, Bose in ear headphones are a great choice to consider.


Bose In Ear Headphones
For $100, you get the headphones, 3 sets of silicon tips, a special lanyard, a clothing clip, and a case to put everything in. That's a pretty hefty package for the money you're spending.

The earbuds themselves use the same technology as the other Bose noise reduction headphones, but smaller and great for physically active users or those that don't like carrying larger headphones.

They also fit comfortably in the ears and provide the same audio quality Bose is known for. The Bose in ear headphones have a nice black finish with black-and-white 49 cable that's durable and helps provide superior audio quality.

Instead of fitting inside your ear canals, these earbuds sit just outside of them for added comfort. This helps if you like to listen to music or watch movies for extended periods of time. It also provides a wider range of sound than regular headphones.

Also, these headphones have an angled connector and can be used with the iPhone. However, there's no in-line microphone to accept and end calls. It's a downer, but not unexpected.

Aside from the silicon taps and clothing clip, Bose in ear headphones also come with a special lanyard to keep them from falling onto the ground. You just sling it behind your neck and clip it to the earbud cables.

Not only is this great for those active in sports, but this is also a genius idea for any pair of in ear headphones. Plus, you can clip the lanyard anywhere above the cable split to keep them however loose or tight you want them.

The case that comes with these is pretty slim (about the size of a smartphone) and has enough room for some extra items as well.


The Bose in ear headphones do have one small drawback: the $100 price tag. Many people would rather spend less for a pair of earbuds.

However, Bose noise canceling headphones are made with the highest quality equipment. Translation: you're getting a huge boost in audio quality and accessories for the price you pay.


It's still a high price, but others that sell earbuds at this range only give you the headphones and tips. In the end, it's up to you on how much you're willing to pay for them.

You can find Bose in ear headphones online and in some retail stores as well. If you can spend the $100, you won't be disappointed.

If not, there are plenty of others for less. If you shop around enough, some stores have them for less, including other Bose noise reduction headphones.

Regardless, Bose has always provided their customers with fantastic audio quality in all of their headphones and sound systems (as long as they have the cash for them). They might be expensive, but Bose has once again brought a pair of awesome noise reduction headphones to the masses.

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