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Bose Triport Headphones
Bose Around Ear Headphones Review

Here we review the Bose Triport headphones — one of the most affordable models of Bose headphones sold on the market.

About Bose

Bose is considered one of the best companies when it comes to electronics like headphones and stereo equipment.

The company has been around since 1964 perfecting stereo equipment. They are a high end product store and best known for their 901 speaker series.


Bose Triport Headphones
Triport headphones are sold for $139 new at places like Amazon, but you can also find them for a similar cost at the Bose store.

Technical details of these headphones include: acoustic equalization, an adjustable headband, TriPort ear cushions, and a 5 foot extension cord. The extension cord allows you to sit in your comfortable chair while being away from your stereo set up.

The ear cushions are typical Bose with an ergonomic design for the most comfort. You have three inches in adjustment size for the headband length, which helps these headphones fit most heads.

The sound quality is what really makes Bose and Bose products worthwhile. These Bose headphones are no different. You have the option of using the headphones for music, movies, and other audio.

The construction of the Bose Triport headphones ensures you have top quality sound and you will immediately notice the difference.


Unfortunately like with any product, there are downsides to the Triport headphones. While the sound is definitely improved over other models many find they are less than happy with the cost of the product for what you obtain.

The sound is great, but for $150 you might want better construction. The Triport headphones are less quality than your typical Bose product.

They are quite fragile. The plastic construction can be easily broken if you do not take care. If you have children around you might want to store these headphones in a different location that is not easily reached.

If you are using them with portable devices you might also wish to pack them within an inflexible case along with your electronics to keep them from becoming damaged.

Aside from a less than stellar construction the Triport headphones are worth purchasing if you can stand the $150. The sound is worth the purchase when you consider other headphones of similar cost.

You also have the Bose customer service behind you with the purchase. Bose stands behind their products, so if you have a problem or complaint you can call their customer service department to obtain a correction. For example if the headphones do get damaged you can call Bose about a replacement.


Overall when reviewing the Bose Triport headphones it was found that despite the fragility of the product you have headphones that work with portable and home theater devices producing a high level of sound.

Some high end headphones have issues working with smaller portable devices. They cause sound distortion, but Bose does not have any of those problems.

They are expensive, but if you can afford the investment and sound is your main concern these Bose headphones are worth it.

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