The Brown Zune: Be Different!

Stand out from the crowd with a brown Zune!

Zune 30 GB (Brown)
This Zune is chocolately delicious!

Brown. It evokes images of swirling melted chocolate forming circular patterns.


Brown and Zune are synonymous. You won't find another mp3 player that's brown. Guaranteed!

Do you like standing out from the crowd?

If yes, a Zune that's brown might be just the one for you!

Unfortunately, being unique comes at price. Microsoft released only the first generation Zune in brown. With mixed results. Not everyone is as bold as you are!

You'll have to settle for a 30GB model. It's outdated, but still available.

But before you go ahead and order, please read this page to make sure you know what you'll be missing. There are some drawbacks with ordering an outdated model.

And even though you'll be tempted to eat your chocolate Zune, don't! It won't taste like chocolate!

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