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Can I put a new screen in my Zune myself?

by Crystal
(Upland, CA)

I've had my Zune for two years at Christmas. Well, I dropped it on a hard tile floor about a month ago which cracked the screen and part of it can not be seen anymore.

It seems to work OK. But with the screen partly blacked out I can't view anything very well.

Can I fix this myself or do i need to take it somewhere?


Yes, you can put a new screen in your Zune by yourself. It also looks like you need a new glass panel (this is a separate part).

It will depend on your skill and comfort level for these kinds of things since it's not simple. Plus you'll need some special tools to open your Zune.

Your best option is to send your Zune to Rapid Repair for a free diagnostic request.

They'll tell you exactly which parts you need and give you a quote for installation. They can also send the parts back to you for self-installation if you choose.

Also visit the Zune parts page for help on do-it-yourself Zune repair including links to Zune dissembly guides. This will give you an idea on whether self-installation is right for you.


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