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What are the Best Cheap Headphones out there?
Reviews of Sennheiser HD201, Panasonic RP-HT21 and Koss KTXPRO1

If you're looking for cheap headphones, you have several to choose from, and the quality doesn't necessarily match the price tag. In fact, you can get very good discount headphones for very little money, as long as you know where to look.

Although some are more cheaply built than others, headphones that are under four dollars, just as one example (below) are suddenly priced inexpensively enough that you can buy several to have "anywhere," and some spares aside.

Let's take a look at the most expensive, which retail for just under $20, to the least expensive, which retail for under four dollars.

Sennheiser HD201 Headphones

Sennheiser HD201 Headphones
First, let's start with the Sennheiser HD201 Headphones. These headphones will absolutely surprise you if you aren't used to truly good headphones.

At just under $20, the sound quality can't be beat, no matter what you use them for.

Comfort: No matter the sound quality, no headphone is going to be a favorite if it's not really comfortable to wear, and the Sennheiser HD201 does not disappoint with its comfort.

These headphones are fully closed, foam covered earphones that surround the ear, not headphones that sit on top of the ears and that they may become uncomfortable after a while.

Sound: The sound is absolutely astonishing, especially given the low cost. You hear every nuance, from the deepest bass to the highest treble.

And, they all isolate outside noise enough that you can really hear the music without distraction.

Detriments: They're not built for REALLY loud sound, and the bass especially can get kind of muddy when you crank things up. (You probably shouldn't be wearing headphones if you really want to crank things up-that is, if you want to save your hearing, anyway.)

However, for a $20 cheap headphone, you can't beat them.

Best price on the Sennheiser HD201

Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones

Panasonic RP-HT21 Headphones
Next, the Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones make our cut for cheap headphones. The Panasonic RP-HT21 is top-notch quality for a truly bare-bones price, under four dollars a pair.

These over the ear headphones give a truly great sound for a very modest price, and although not fully enclosed headphones, they're very comfortable to wear and modestly priced enough that if you need more than one pair, you can afford them.

Comfort: Although these headphones don't "enclose the ear," they sit on top of the ear and are light enough that you won't even know you're wearing them when you are.

At this price, by several pair, too, because you can have them available wherever you listen to music, whether at work, when you go running , or anytime.

Sound: What's most surprising about these headphones is their sound, especially the bass. And with their inexpensive price, replacing them isn't a hardship even if you happen to wear them out because you wear your headphones all the time.

Drawbacks: None, especially considering the price.

Best price on the Panasonic RP-HT21

Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Portable Headphones with Volume Control

Koss KTXPRO1 Headphones
Finally, the Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Portable Headphones with Volume Control round up our top picks for cheap headphones. Koss is recognized as a top-notch name in headphones anyway, and they don't disappoint with their titanium portable headphones.

They have the sound quality of much larger and more expensive headphones, but the lightweight wear of cheaper ones.

However, don't let their delicate look fool you. Their high polymer titanium diaphragm makes for crystal-clear sound, and their frequency response is 15 to 25,000 Hz.

They're very lightweight and meant to "go anywhere," which makes them easy to wear for sports, running, or "on the go" pursuits.

At a price tag of under $20, but with a durable design, the Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Portable Headphones with Volume Control is a headphone for anyone who loves good music and needs good sound; and despite the portable design, they're also suitable for home use, too.

Again, at this price, you could afford to buy more than one pair so that you are never without decent headphones again. The volume control, too, makes it easy to adjust volume on the fly without having to fiddle or fuss.

Best price on the Koss KTXPR01


And there you go; no matter what your budget, you can find a decent pair of headphones to fill your needs.

Whether you wear them when you jog or simply want to have a good pair of comfortable music headphones, you can't go wrong with one of these, and they'll fit every budget.

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