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Coby CVE92 Isolation Stereo Headphones
The Best Discount Earbud Headphones

The Coby CVE92 are the best discount earbud headphones and are great for use as a pair of MP3 headphones.

The manufacturers of Coby electronics pride themselves on producing top quality electronics that deliver on performance levels which have been set out for them.

Individuals that do not compromise on high performance in electronics will find this brand of electronic products very satisfactory indeed.

Coby headphones also deliver on promises based on performance and meet the high demands of customers. Coby utilizes recent technologies and product designs in developing optimal performing products.

Headphones made by Coby rank among the top of the pack in many headphone categories and usually deliver on promises made as regards performance and reliability of their products. Coby headphones provide users value for their money as they are made with quality materials.

A number of headphones on the market are produced by Coby and are represented in different categories ranging from noise isolation headphones to wireless headphones.

Noise isolation headphones are produced using special ergonomic technologies which help to block out background noise by fitting tightly over the ears or in the ears. Hence there are two main types of noise isolation headphones on the market; the over the ear types and the in-ear types.

Coby employs the use of similar technologies in producing their noise isolation headphones, putting together different technological ideas to enhance their functions.


Coby CVE92 Isolation Stereo Headphones
The Coby CVE92 noise isolation stereo headphones are entry-level noise isolation headphones from Coby.

They are earbud headphones that can be fitted into the ear canal, so as to properly isolate background noise.

These headphones are very comfortable and stay in place when fitted into the ear canal.

Sports men and women would find these earbuds useful as they are lightweight and make workouts more enjoyable.

These headphones are very economical as they come cheap but provide quality service.

Sound quality from these headphones can be described as average but their sound isolation capabilities are quite effective.

These headphones provide optimal sound isolation capabilities and musical sounds can be heard clearly when the noise cancellation feature is turned on in noisy environments.

As compared to their price, the services these headphones produce can be described as average.

The Coby CVE92 headphones are entry level headphones and should be treated as such. Users who are looking for enhanced quality functions from headphones should look elsewhere as these headphones provide average service at best.

These headphones are durable and will last for some time if treated with utmost care. Hence they can be purchased as back up headphones and should not be used frequently on a daily basis.

Special features of these headphones include: 15mm neodymium magnet which helps to improve bass response, ultra slim lightweight design and soft earbud design for maximum comfort.

The overall build of these headphones is not very impressive and they are deemed to be fragile. The cord is quite thin and the headphones are very lightweight to a degree where they can be regarded as flimsy.

For their price though, they offer one of the most durable features for noise isolating earbuds.

Best price on the CVE92


The adage that what you pay for is what you get can be applied to these headphones.

The Coby CVE92 headphones are cheap entry-level headphones and should be viewed as such. You do not expect to pay less than twenty dollars for an earphone and get a fifty dollar service value.

These headphones will not appeal to audiophiles and individuals who are high on quality in headphone products.

If you need a back up headphone to supplement the use of your normal headphones, then you can get these.

Cheaper does not always translate to the worst and these are by no means the worst headphones on the market. But Coby can improve on these and introduce higher grades which will appeal to a wider range of customers.

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