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Best Cordless Headphones
Sennheiser RS110, Sony MDR-IF540RK, Pioneer SE-DIR800C Cordless Stereo Headphones

Cordless headphones are great for anyone who wants to listen to music or television shows without being bound to one space.

Slip on the headphones and you are free to move around and go about chores or other tasks without worrying about staying tied to a stereo system, television or computer.

Many of the wireless headphones on the market right now deliver clear, crisp sound with limited interference and static.

Sennheiser RS110 926 Mhz Wireless Rf Headphones

Sennheiser Rs110 Cordless Headphones
While Sennheiser is known as one of the leading brands in the electronic industry and is known for putting out high quality wireless headphones, it is one of the more affordable brands.

These headphones can easily be purchased well below $100, making them a high quality pick for those shopping on a budget.

These wireless headphones have a powerful 900 mhz transmitter that allows you to walk around your home freely without losing your favorite tunes. You have to stay within a reasonable distance from your sound source, but the headphones will function even through doors and walls.

The pads that go in the ears are lightweight and gentle to wear even for longer periods of time. All parts are replaceable which will extend the life of the headphones.

These are considered "entry level" wireless headphones, which simply means they may not have the sound quality or durability that you might get with higher level headphones. Yet, they tend to deliver very clear, crisp sound when used with music devices, televisions, and even computers.

After a period of time without any audible sound, these headphones will cut out and deliver static. Other than that minor annoyance, most users find these Sennheiser cordless headphones to deliver exceptional quality for the low price tag.

Best price on the Sennheiser RS110

Sony MDR-IF540RK Wireless Headphone System with Rechargeable Battery

Sony MDR-IF540RK Cordless Headphones
Besides delivering very clear, crisp sound up to 24 feet away from your sound source, these cordless headphones from Sony have some extra features that deliver extra functionality. They vibrate to accentuate upbeat, lively music and to bring video games to life.

They also have a surround sound feature that delivers higher quality sound for surround digital media.

These wireless headphones are also equipped with infrared technology which eliminates interference and static as long as you are within direct eyesight of the sound source.

While they are one of the more affordable products in the market right now they still deliver great sound quality whether you are watching a movie, listening to music, or picking up sound from a computer or video game.

That said, don't expect to roam very far from your sound source with these headphones. While the Sennheiser headphones reviewed above can transmit through doors, walls, and other obstructions, you need to remain closer to your sound source with this model from Sony.

Best results are produced when you stay within clear vision of your sound source.

One big perk to this product is the rechargeable battery which has a long life between charges.

Best price on the Sony MDR-IF540RK

Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Headphones with Dolby Headphone Technology

Pioneer SE-DIR800C Cordless Headphones
Pioneer is one of the biggest names in the electronic market and these wireless headphones show why so many fans will only purchase Pioneer. We can sum it up in two words: advanced technology.

For starters, you can set these headphones to pick up excellent sound quality according to the size of the room you are listening in. They also incorporate up to five virtual speakers so you are completely surrounded by sound and your movies or music files are literally brought to life.

How the sound is replayed depends largely on the acoustics of the room you are in.

Add in compatibility with Dolby Surround and Dolby Digital media and you have the perfect cordless headphones to listen in living color!

These Pioneer cordless headphones deliver quality that is on par with some of the best larger surround sound systems. They literally surround you with perfect recreations of your favorite media as long as you stay within 26 feet of your sound source.

Best price on the Pioneer SE-DIR800C


Just like anything else in the world today, you get what you pay for with cordless headphones.

While all three of these options are great products that will deliver great sound quality, the advanced technology included with the Pioneer cordless headphones takes things up about ten notches in terms of quality and customers satisfaction. They also come with a steeper price tag, though you can find some great prices online.

The Sony and Sennheiser cordless headphones still offer great sound quality and less interference than many other headphones, yet are offered in a more affordable price range.

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