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Digital Wireless Headphones
Sennheiser RS110, Sony MDR-DS3000 and Koss HB60 Cordless Headphones Reviews

Digital wireless headphones offer users convenience and mobility while listening to music.

You can move feely around your apartment and office, depending on the range of your wireless headphone without having to worry about wired restrictions.

Wired headphones restrict movement as you have to move around with your music device or stay immobile on one spot. Wires also constitute a nuisance when going about routine exercises as they tend to get in the way time and time again.

Depending on the range of your wireless headphone, you can move relatively long distances away from your music device and wireless docking station and still have good reception.

Wireless headphones are produced using different wireless technology such as the 900MHz technology and Bluetooth protocol.

Although wireless technology in headphones may affect sound quality, different improvements are being developed on a regular basis to tackle this problem.

For more convenience and ease of movement while listening to music, you should consider purchasing a digital wireless headphone.

Sennheiser RS110

Sennheiser RS110 Digital Wireless Headphones
The Sennheiser RS110 headphones are entry-level headphones which feature a 900MHz wireless transmitter.

These headphones have a range of approximately 300 feet and powerful signals can be transmitted through walls and ceilings.

Listeners can wander around an entire apartment and still receive remarkably clear signals all through.

The Sennheiser RS110 boasts a strong bass response which is constant as far as the user stays within range.

These headphones come complete with replaceable parts and two AAA batteries which ensure that customers do not buy a new headphone or pay extra amounts of money to get replacement parts when certain parts wear out.

Sound production from this headphone is very clear with all round robust sounds on a wide frequency range that exclude "very high" and "very low" pitches. Bass sounds are not too heavy and higher sound pitches are crisp and clear.

These headphones are not very comfortable though and this can largely be attributed to their size and weight. The cans are quite big and can weigh heavily on the ears.

Wearing them for an extended period of time can become very uncomfortable especially for those who have large ears.

The Sennheiser RS110 headphones are made with an automatic on and off feature which can be both a blessing and a nuisance. The transmitter does not begin transmitting until it hears enough sound from your music device for it to come on.

So too when the sound is turned off, it stops transmitting automatically.

Best price on the Sennheiser RS110

Sony MDR-DS3000

Sony MDR-DS3000 Digital Wireless Headphones
The Sony MDR-DS3000 open-air headphones are 23 foot transmission range cordless headphones with a 90 degree transmission angle.

These digital wireless headphones employ infrared technology to power their wireless capabilities.

This may be the main reason for their limited range of 23 feet; which is not really that impressive.

These headphones save users from getting tangled up in wires though and to an extent; you have freedom of movement while listening to music.

They are ideal for use in an office or around a room and transmissions remain good if you are well within range. These headphones are made with a self-adjusting headband that makes them ideal for everyone.

The headband serves as an automatic on and off indicator.

When the headband is stretched as is the case when on the head and the speakers are adjusted on the ears, the headphones automatically come on while they automatically go off when the headband is loose or relaxed which indicates that they are not being worn.

These headphones come with an optical cable and the base of the transmitter has optical inputs with two RCA plugs.

A magnet is also affixed within the transmitter that helps pull the earcups in place when the headphones are placed on it to charge.

Its optical digital input allows users to synchronize these headphones with musical components that have Digital Dolby or DTS Surround Sound features.

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Koss HB60

Koss HB60 Digital Wireless Headphones
The Koss HB60 headphones are another pair of headphones that utilize infrared technology to obtain their wireless feature.

These digital wireless headphones come with a transmitter and receiver which have a 250 foot range.

Other features of these headphones include; a stereophone, a dynamic element affixed into the stereophone which enables extended frequency response, clip on style earpieces and a 3.5mm plug.

The infrared receiver that comes with the Koss HB60 headphones has an output plug-in which ensures that you can plug in any standard headphone jack, thus using any kind of standard audio source with it.

While using this headphone, a constant hissing sound can be heard which can only be minimized to a low tone.

The earpieces that come with the Koss HB60 headphones are not very comfortable as they clip on to the ears and leave a pinching sensation.

Sound quality from this headphone is remarkably good if you are not an audiophile but the slight hissing sound remains.

Best price on the Koss HB60


Koss headphone products are gradually improving and new advances in technology have helped to improve recent innovations.

The Koss HB60 headphones need to be improved on though as there are many lacking areas that leave a lot to be desired. If you have not been privileged to use a wireless headphone before, these headphones are a good starting point.

Main features to look out for in digital wireless headphones are their range and ability to produce quality sounds.

The Koss HB60 passes those two tests satisfactorily. The Sennheiser and Sony are better options but they cost more as well.

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