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by Ken N.
(Owasso, MI, USA)

Zune Pass Free Trial
Where do I even begin on how much I love my Zune pass...

As opposed to iTunes which charges at least $1 per song, I can literally download as much music as I could possibly want for only $15 a month. As an original Apple iPod owner/user, my mind was blown when I found a service like the Zune pass.

I've discovered tons of new bands and artists that I never would have pre-Zune pass, simply because, well, I can! I actually really got into Lady Gaga through my Zune pass. I checked out her entire Zune collection and am now a huge fan. Lady Gaga is now one of the biggest inspirations in my life, and as cheesy as it sounds, my parents randomly getting me that Zune pass subscription has a lot to do with that.

The only downsides I've found are not being able to burn certain songs onto CD's through the Zune pass without buying the song individually... although, they do give you 10 free songs a month with your Zune pass. And for getting to listen to as much music as I want (which is a lot, and my computer is my primary music player), I can't complain at all.

I also love the fact that with the Zune pass you can choose the bit rate and file type. That's something I've never seen any other music service. I also appreciate the fact that the Zune pass comes with a two week free trial, because to be quite honest, I was pretty skeptical about switching over to this service originally, under the impression that it might be too good to be true.

So all in all, I would HIGHLY recommend a Zune pass to anyone unhappy with iTunes or anyone looking for a new place to start a music collection.

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