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DLO Action Jacket Zune HD Case

The DLO Action Jacket is the perfect Zune HD case for the fitness enthusiast. The armband design allows you to carry your Zune HD wherever your workouts may lead you.

Armband Case

DLO Action Jacket
This case from Digital Lifestyle Outfitters features an armband. An armband case is still the most popular option if you want to take your Zune HD with you for music during your workouts.

Most workout clothes do not feature pockets. And even if they do, if you store your Zune HD in your pocket you risk the chance of damaging it with a bump against the elliptical trainer or weight machine.

Storing your Zune HD tightly on your arm ensures that it does not come in the way and yet you still have convenient access to your workout playlist. The strap is held in place by high quality velcro that will not fuzz after heavy usage.

The armband will fit arms of all sizes. It's rated for arms from 9 inches to 20 inches.

The armband is made of stretchy neoprene that will ensure a comfortable fit yet prevent slippage off of your arm. The neoprene is washable which is extremely handy for workout gear. The neoprene is moisture resistant and prevents sweat from damaging your Zune HD.

Body Protection

The body is made of form fitting neoprene. It's very light and will not add any significant weight to your arm. The case edges have extra reinforcement for added protection from minor rubs against gym equipment.

The DLO action jacket is designed to be a case that is used during workouts with your Zune HD on your arm. It has light padding but as such does not provide much impact protection should you drop it.

It features openings in the case for the dock connector and headphone jack.

DLO Action Jacket in action

Screen Protection

The screen is covered with a clear plastic that provides protection against scratches while still allowing you to use the touch screen functionality.

The plastic tends to stick to the screen. This does not damage the screen but, in combination with the form fitting design, makes it difficult to remove your Zune HD from the case.


This case is available in only one design: black with gray accents. It's stylish and you'll be proud to be seen sporting this armband at the gym.

DLO Action Jacket (Black) Black

Included Bonuses

A belt clip is included as a bonus accessory. This belt clip is removable when you want to use the armband function.

You can attach it when you want to just clip it to your clothes or your purse. The belt clip rotates 360 degrees to ensure the best possible attachment based on the situation.


If you're looking for a case that will allow you to take your Zune HD with you on your workouts, the DLO action jacket fits the bill nicely.

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