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DLO Jam Jacket Zune HD Case

The DLO Jam Jacket for the Zune HD is a silicone case that incorporates some cool features like the "CordSaver".

Body Protection

DLO Jam Jacket
Silicone has been a staple for portable electonics case manufacturers for a long time. It provides great impact protection without being too bulky. And silicone cases are inexpensive as well.

This product is a great alternative to the Incipio dermaSHOT. For the same price, it includes a heaphone storage option. Also, it covers the front a little more than the Incipio dermaSHOT.

There is a cutout on the front for the media button. Additional cutouts for all other ports and connectors allow you to use your Zune HD without removing it from the case.

Screen Protection

This case does not offer any screen protection. A screen protector is not included so it's a good idea to purchase one.

Screen protectors are an inexpensive investment and will help protect your screen from scratches.


This case is available in black only. For additional color options consider the Incipio dermaSHOT Zune HD silicone cases.

DLO Jam Jacket (Black) Black

Included Bonuses

This Zune HD DLO case has taken the silicone case concept a little further by adding the CordSaver feature which is very handy.

With most cases you have no idea what to do with your headphones. The Jam Jacket has attempted to solve this problem by adding something on the back of the case that allows you to wrap your headphones around it when they are not in use.

DLO Jam Jacket Cordsaver

The CordSaver is a cool idea and makes this case stand out from it's competition. It works well only for earbud or in-ear headphones. If you use traditional over the ear headphones that have bulky cords then this feature won't be very useful to you.


The Jam Jacket is a Zune HD case from DLO that provides an excellent alternative to Incipio's dermaSHOT line of silicone cases.

The CordSaver allows you to store your headphones right on the back so you always have them handy when you need them.

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