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Best Etymotic Headphones
Reviews of the Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator, Etymotic Research HF2 & Etymotic ER-4P

In this article we review three of the best Etymotic headphones — the ER6i Isolator, HF2 and ER-4P.

Eymotic headphones are specially made phones that normally fit within the ear, with an earpiece that is specially made for the transmission of sound.

The aim of the Etymotic earphone is to provide 100% sound accuracy, or in other words lossless audio. Those who like bass will be quite happy with this type of headphone simply because it provides that bass, but does not lose sound quality on the way like most headphones.

There are many headphones on the market today, and while they do not provide accuracy ratings for the products, they have been measured by different companies, and it has been found that Etymotic headphones provide the highest rate of accuracy.

Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator

Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator Best Headphones
The Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator is a great example of an Etymotic headphone.

They have a high sound output, a better response, and they are even lightweight.

Something you may have noticed about most headphones is that they are designed for a specific purpose.

For example one set might be designed for home use, and others might be designed for noisier environments.

The ER6i Isolator is made for nearly every environment, making it the most ideal choice. In addition to that, the earphones will fit directly into your ear canal, forming an airtight seal. This will provide a high level of comfort, and allow you to have the highest level of entertainment possible.

The biggest disadvantage tied to the ER6i Isolator is that it is expensive, and eventually the eartips will wear out. You will spend somewhere around $40 per year for eartips, and if you have the disposable income, it really will not be an issue. If you were looking for a more permanent solution, you might try a different headphone.

Best price on the Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator

Etymotic Research HF2

Etymotic Research HF2 Best Headphones
Etymotic Research HF2 Earphones are yet another choice that you might make.

Something to note about these headphones is that they are good not only for listening to your media player, but also for listening to your phone calls, your laptop computer, or even set your music to resume the moment a call ends.

These are much more than headphones, they are a multipurpose tool that can be utilized in many different forms.

Like other Etymotic headphones, these form an airtight seal, allowing you to focus on the voice or music, whichever you happen to be listening to.

Best price on the Etymotic Research HF2

Etymotic ER-4P

Etymotic ER-4P Best Headphones
Etymotic ER-4P is another great choice in the Etymotic line of sound products.

These headphones come as part of a package that includes a .25 inch stereo phone adapter, six ear pieces, 10 eartips, replacement filters, a tool to change the filter with, a manual, pouch, shirt clip, and of course a 5 foot cord.

You will pay quite a bit for this set, but trust us when we say that it will be entirely worth it.

Best price on the Etymotic ER-4P


The problem that most people have when it comes to earphones is the belief that all earphones are equal. They think that so long as it emits sound, and so long as it fits in their ear, it is an acceptable piece of equipment.

The truth however, is that headphones need to be examined, they need to be tested, and they need to be matched to your preferences. If you do not do this, then you will never achieve the sound that you want so badly, and you will never experience the full extent of the music that you listen to.

Etymotic headphones are incredible. With an airtight seal and multi-layered earpieces, you can be certain that you will only receive the best sound, and even the best customer support. When you listen to your music through your etymotic headphones, you will feel as if you are really there.

The background noise will fade, and you will be able to let your life go by the wayside for just a little while. That bit of solitude, that moment of silent sound, that's what it's all about, even if it cannot last forever.

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