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Best Grado Headphones
Grado SR60, Grado SR60 and Grado iGrado Headphone Reviews

We review three of the most popular Grado headphones on the market — the Grado SR-60i, SR-80i and iGrado headphones.

About Grado

People that are looking for superior quality in headphones turn to Grado.

Grado is one of the oldest family owned companies in the industry. For more than 50 years Grado has been the leader in design engineering for the recording industry and the high end audio industry.

Their headphones and phono cartridges are famous worldwide. Joseph Grado, the founder is credited with more than 48 patents and for inventing the stereo moving coil phono cartridge. He single handedly is responsible for more innovations in phono cartridge designs than any other person.

That is why it should come as no surprise that we are recommending three of their headphones for your listening pleasure.

Overall customers have been very satisfied with the headphones Grado produces. These are the headphones that are recommended and used in the music industry as well as used by music aficionados worldwide.

For those that are looking at enhancing their personal music experience on their portable music players or at home, Grado has the perfect headphones for you.

Grado Prestige Series SR-60i Padded Headphones

Grado SR-60i Headphones
The Grado Prestige SR60 headphones are some of the most powerful and ideally priced headphones on the market. They are known all over the world and have received rave reviews from both music industry leaders and the music aficionado.

In early 2009 the SR-60i replaced their predecessor the SR60's. With an upgraded driver they deliver clear and lively sound, especially for the midranges, however they don't compare to their pricey counterparts the Grado SR80 and SR120.

The Grado SR60i have an open back design, which some users have complained about only because the volume needs to be kept lower due to the fact the music leaks out, though at the same time those users have also said the open back allows for greater resonance.

Another disadvantage from the consumer standpoint is that the headphones are very comfortable if worn long term. Though avid users have stated that stretching out the headband or placing it in a different place on the head increases the comfort level for longer wear.

Best price on the Grado SR-60i

Grado Prestige Series SR-80i Stereo Headphones

Grado SR-80i Headphones
The SR80 headphones use a 4 conductor connecting cable and larger ear cushions that have two pivot points that allow them to pivot on the vertical axis and another on the horizontal axis. Accompanied with a bendable headband it has increased the comfort over the SR60i.

The SR80s also offer improved resonance which enhances the overall quality of sound.

The Grado Prestige SR80i headphones were designed for durability and long lasting comfort. The pivot points allow you to collapse the headphones when you are not using them which helps with storing them and travelling with them.

While the back of the ear piece is still open, as it is in the SR60s, they still provide a rich open sound stage effect. These headphones can be used with most any portable player or inexpensive home equipment.

If you would like to improve the detail and overall control of the highs and add authority to the bottom end you can add a headphone amplifier.

Best price on the Grado SR-80i

Grado iGrado Headphones

Grado iGrado Headphones
The Grado iGrado headphones were designed specifically for portable music devices such as the iPod and other MP3 players. Referred to as the "street style" headphone Grado wanted to create a headphone that would out perform any headphones or ear buds that are currently on the market.

These Grado headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear as well as being functionally stylish. The iGrado uses the same drivers that are used in the Grado SR60, which makes these head phones the "high end" of the low end market.

Equipped with a behind the neck headband which makes wearing these headphones not only stylish but comfortable. These are ideal headphones for everyone the works out and gets tired of adjusting the ear buds in their ears in the middle of the workout.

Remember that the ear piece has an open back which makes it easy for music to "leak out" and let your neighbors hear what your listening to, however overall the sound quality cannot be matched.

Best price on the iGrado


Grado Labs truly have something from everyone. Whether you prefer the regular size headphones to enjoy your music or the smaller portable headphones for your iPod or MP3, you will be happy with any of the above mentioned Grado headphones.

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