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Grado SR125 Headphones
Mid-Range Audiophile Headphones

The Grado SR125 are mid-range audiophile headphones, offering the sound quality of more expensive headphones without charging you for it.

Grado brands of headphones are renowned for their sound quality and clarity. Built for the most sensitive ears, a majority of Grado headphones distinguish the most sensitive musical notes allowing the listener to hear sounds he never knew were there before.

It is no surprise then, when older CD collections are dug out for fresh listening when a customer purchases a Grado headphone for the first time.

Most Grado headphones are made with improved sound technological features that enhance sound quality.

An entry-level audiophile headphone from Grado is usually at par with a more sophisticated audiophile headphone made by other manufacturers.

Passive listeners and audiophiles alike can attest to the fact that a Grado headphone gives you something extra when it comes to sound quality.

A combination of unique features distinguishes Grado headphones from other headphone brands.

These features are mainly geared towards improving the overall quality of sound from a Grado headphone which is probably the most important feature of many Grado headphones on the market today.


Grado SR125
The Grado SR125 headphone is a mid-range audiophile headphone built with sound enhancement in mind.

It weighs about three pounds but feels incredibly lighter when worn over the head.

Its light weight stems from the fact that it is made from high quality durable materials that enhance comfort and durability at the same time.

This headphone is produced with improved sound technological features that greatly enhance its sound quality.

Basic features of the Grado SR125 include a non-resonant air chamber, improved diaphragm, standard connecting cord and ultra high purity long crystal (UHPLC) copper voice coil wire.

The diaphragms are subjected to a special "de-stressing" so as to enhance inner detail. The manufacturers of this headphone have displayed their ability to combine lightness with complete rigidity and internal damping in a unique headphone which is the Grado SR125.

A good advice if you want to get optimal sound quality from this headphone is to burn them out for a minimum of 24hours before you start using them.

You can accomplish this feat by connecting your Grado SR125 headphone to a stereo unit and run for at least 24 hours while varying volume from low to high settings.

After the burn-in period, these headphones come alive and most experienced audiophiles would attest to the fact that they provide amazingly good sounds with all full - all round robust clarity.

Sounds from these headphones get better with continuous usage. All genres of music such as rock, classical, vocal pop and orchestra amongst others sound great on these headphones.

These headphones are not the most comfortable you would find on the market though and they can sometimes become a nuisance after having them on for prolonged hours.

The flexible headbands on these headphones make them easily adjustable and this gives a more comfortable fit over the head.

These headphones are good mid-level budget headphones retailing at about one hundred and fifty dollars. For their price range, they are deemed to be economical as they provide quality sounds that rank with sound quality from higher grade headphones that cost upwards of three hundred dollars.

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The Grado SR125 headphones are good sound production headphones which will satisfy the needs of most audiophiles.

They are made with comfort and style in mind and provide the user with different options. Provided you appreciate sound quality in headphones, you can't go wrong with these as they are made specifically with enhanced sound improvement features as their uppermost priority.

Grado brand of headphones hardly disappoint when it comes to sound quality and these headphones make a bold statement of fact regarding this sterling quality.

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