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Grado SR60 Headphones
Budget Audiophile Headphones

Among the wide variety of headphones made by Grado, the Grado SR60 headphones have proven to be one of the most successful and widely accepted headphones all over the world.

This is mainly due to its enhanced sound producing features which when compared to its price is an absolute steal. Sound quality on this headphone is outstanding, making the SR60 one of the most widely sought after headphones in its category.

Grado headphone brands are known for their good sound quality but the Grado SR60 at such a reasonably low price is the pick of the bunch.

These headphones have been constantly compared with headphones that cost three hundred dollars and above which speaks of its remarkable performance.

Taking some time to pick out a good audiophile headphone will ensure you of getting one that will not let you down and the Grado SR60 is definitely in this category.


Grado SR60 Headphones
The SR60 is an audiophile headphone that weighs a massive three pounds as compared to other headphone brands which come in much lighter build.

This headphone measures 12.5 by 9.5 by 1 inches and its adjusters enable it to lie flat on any surface which makes them easy to pack up in a suitcase.

These headphones provide remarkably brilliant sound using high technological sound features such as a vented diaphragm, non-resonant air chamber and standard copper voice coil.

The SR60 headphones have an adjustable soft vinyl headband which allows for diversified fit. Metal adjusters help connect the headband and earpieces and the height of head can be adjusted with the center of the ear.

The adjusters also allow full 360 degree rotation of the earpiece.

The ear pads that come with these earphones are specially made of soft, porous, open-cell foam that slips over the drivers much more snugly than standard foam ear pads.

The SR60 headphones from Grado provide good quality sounds at low and high frequency range. Bass sounds are not artificially enhanced and come pure. Midrange sounds are robust and full, and high pitched sounds are crisp and clear.

The SR60 headphones sound very clear and can be used without any form of sound enhancement such as amplifiers.

For extended use, these headphones score relatively low points as they are bulky and the pads become uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

Sound leakage is deemed to be a lot due largely to its open design. Hence users may be forced to go down on the volume level in crowded areas so as not to bother the next person.

If you can't be bothered by sound quality in headphones and are looking to just get a quick fix at a relatively low price, it is advisable to go with the Grado SR60.

These headphones give you a proper tune up and enable you to appreciate music in ways you haven't before. Building up your audiophile experience with headphones starts with the Grado SR60.

You can be at par with the most experienced audiophiles and disc jockies (DJ's) in no time with the use of these headphones.

Best price on the SR60


Comparing audiophile headphones on the market, the SR60 headphones from Grado will appeal to both beginner and experienced audiophiles.

These headphones are one of the best when rated for their combination of value and sound. They can be used with a miniplug and quarter inch adapter or any other smaller inputs.

With the price pegged at a little over a hundred dollars, it is not out of place to say that these headphones offer reliable sound features that headphones twice their price will find it hard pressed to deliver.

Start appreciating sound quality at its best by purchasing a Grado SR60 headphone today and you will be glad you did.

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