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Grado SR80 Audiophile Headphones
Great Sound, Fair Price

The Grado SR80 are audiophile quality headphones, providing great sound at a fair price.

The Grado brand is a relatively unsung brand name in the headphone category. This brand of headphones is known particularly for their good sound production.

Sound quality is so profound that you will be wondering where these headphone brands have been all the while.

The brain behind this brand of headphones, John Grado himself confessed that he concentrated mainly on the production of the best sounding headphones at affordable prices to customers.

It is no wonder then that most Grado headphones are built with features that gear towards providing optimal sound quality.

Grado headphones are gradually emerging as one of the best sound quality headphones available in the market at relatively cheap prices.


Grado SR80
The SR80 headphones from Grado provide good all round sound at a relatively low price.

These headphones are open-ear headphones that provide a more natural sound.

It provides a more open stage sound by utilizing large ear cushions and a four conductor connecting cable.

The overall sound detail of these headphones is enhanced, starting with an improved bass resonance feature.

Main features of the Grado SR80 headphone that makes it one of the best audiophile headphones in its category include a vented diaphragm that improves sound quality from music devices, a non-resonant air chamber and standard copper voice coil and connecting cord.

Most audiophiles will find these earphones useful as sounds that emanate from them makes one feel like he is listening to artists directly from the studio or on stage.

Individual instruments can be distinctly picked out when listening to music with these headphones and the sound is crystal clear. Appreciation of music is better achieved with the Grado SR80 headphones as lyrics become much easier to hear and understand.

The overall build of these headphones makes it quite bulky and not very comfortable on the ears. When building these headphones, it is obvious that ergonomics and comfort were not at the forefront of the manufacturers mind.

Their bulky frame does not make them very portable for use with an iPod or Mp3 player.

Though these earphones may be a little tight on the ears, a metal strip is made available at the top which can easily be stretched out to accommodate large heads or reduced to fit smaller heads.

More recent models of the SR80 have been made to effectively deal with the ergonomic deficiencies.

The pads have been reworked to be more comfortable over the ears than many other headphones. The earpieces have two pivot points that make them adjustable both on the vertical and horizontal axis.

Though the wiring for the SR80 is permanently attached to the cans unlike other Grado models, the wires still kink at the V-split and break altogether in a few months.

This reduces its durability value and users who cannot afford to change earphones every 12 months may think twice about getting these headphones.

This takes nothing away from the sound quality of these earphones though as Grado headphone brands are renowned for their sound prowess and the Grado SR80 is no exception.

Best price on the SR80


If you are looking to get one of the best sound quality headphones in the market that comes at a relatively fair price, then you should be looking at the Grado SR80.

These headphones have proven to be a hit in optimal sound quality production and most audiophiles or disc jockeys will rate them high. Its adjustable features ensure that they fit everybody quite comfortably.

The ear pads on these headphones were recently redesigned to meet the needs of a wide range of customers particular about comfort on the ears.

Combining sound quality, comfort and style the Grado SR80 are the headphones made for you.

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