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Headphone Accessories
Headphone Amplifiers, Headphone Extension Cables and More

The purpose of the headphone accessories page is to review additional items that will enhance your headphone experience.

You will find reviews of headphone amplifiers, headphone extension cables, headphone microphones and lot of other accessories.

Accessories Available To You

Headphone Amplifiers Headphone Amplifiers

We review three of the most popular headphone amplifiers — the FiiO E5, Rolls HA43 and NuForce Icon Mobile Headphone Amp.
Headphone Amplifiers Headphone Amp Reviews

Here we review two headphone amp choices — the FiiO E5 and the Pro-Ject Headbox II headphone amplifiers.
Headphone Extension Cable Headphone Extension Cable

This article will help you find a good headphone extension cable for your headphones.
Headphone Extension Cable Headphone Amp Kit

A headphone amp kit allows you to make your very own headphone amplifier. These two kits from Ramsey are great options to save money for those so inclined.
Headphone Extension Cable Koss VC20 Volume Control

The Koss VC20 volume control is an accessory for your headphones that allows you to control the volume of your music without having to access your mp3 player.
Headphone Airline Adapter Headphone Airline Adapters

In this article we look at 3 of the top headphone airline adapters; a must have accessory for your headphones if you travel a lot.
Headphone Extension Cord Headphone Extension Cord

In this article we review the RK-G138 headphone extension cord from Sony.
Headphone Splitter Headphone Splitter

When it comes to a headphone splitter, the Belkin Rockstar is indeed a true rockstar! Just wait till you see what we mean...
Headphone Mixer Headphone Mixer Reviews

A headphone mixer is a tool used in audio recording. With this powerful device, a user has the ability to listen to the mix of several different instruments at the same time combined as the audience would experience them.
Headphone Stand Headphone Stand and Hanger Reviews

In this article we review three different headphone stand options; mostly in the form of hangers or hooks which are more popular as they do not occupy work space.

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