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Top 3 Headphone Airline Adapters
Reviews of the Maxell AA-I, Ear Hugger EHA-18 & Shure PA658 Airline Adapters

In this article we look at 3 of the top headphone airline adapters; a must have headphone accessory if you travel a lot.

Most airlines provide their customers with the option of watching movies while traveling. However, this comes at a cost. The cost is that some airlines do not provide headphones unless you pay for them.

The other drawback is that even if the headphones are complimentary, you will find that they are extremely uncomfortable and have poor sound quality.

In order to avoid these situations, you need to use your own headphones with the aid of a headphone airline adapter.

These are needed because most airlines do not have the single pin sockets that almost every pair of headphones uses. Instead, airlines normally have dual sockets. Using airline adapters for headphones is the only way to get around this problem.

There are a variety of such adapters out there, and choosing the best one can be quite difficult if you are not aware of their advantages and disadvantages.

Amongst the many headphone airline adapters, three that stand out include the Maxell AA-I Airline Adapter, the Ear Hugger EHA-18 Airline Headphone Adapter and the Shure PA658 Airline Adapter. The following are some details pertaining to the aforementioned products.

Maxell AA-I Airline Adapter

Maxell AA-I Top 3 Headphone Airline Adapters
This is the most famous headphone airline adapter available in the market currently.

The adapter is so well known because of a variety of things amounting to an almost perfect product.

This adapter has been praised by experts and users alike for the simplicity and ease of use that it offers to its users.

Furthermore, this adapter is also a very compact product that is neither heavy nor too big to use.

Finally, the price of this adapter is USD 5. However, some websites may be offering this product at a much lower price. The discounts on this product can go as much as 50 percent.

Best price on the Maxell AA-I

Ear Hugger EHA-18 Airline Headphone Adapter

Ear Hugger EHA-18 Top 3 Headphone Airline Adapters
This headphone airline adapter, like the one made by Maxell, can be bought for similar costs i.e. USD 5.

However, the similarities do not stop at price because this product can also be bought at much lesser prices on some websites.

The discounts can take the cost of this product to USD 1.5.

This product is an ideal way to eliminate the need for purchasing headphones provided by airlines and then not being able to use them on the next trip.

As a result, the money saved from the use of this product is USD 5.

Best price on the Ear Hugger EHA-18

Shure PA658 Airline Adapter

Shure PA658 Top 3 Headphone Airline Adapters
This is a product that has been touted as one of the best in the market owing to the almost perfect sound quality, the ease of use and the cheap costs i.e. USD 4.

This product does not result in even a single unit of reduction in the sound quality.

Furthermore, this airline adapter is extremely sturdy and strong.

However, the only flaw with this adapter is that its recommended use is only for headphones created by Shure itself.


Each of these three headphone airline adapters are tried and tested products that perform repeatedly in the hands of satisfied customers.

As a result, if you are looking to eliminate poor headphones provided by airlines, then you would do well to pick out one of these adapters.

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