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Headphone Amp Kit
Make Your Own Headphone Amplifier

Are you in the market for a headphone amp kit?

There are many different models to choose from so it's hard to really decide on which one to go with.

Here we'll review two different amp kits and go through consumer feedback and the various features of each one. The first will be the SHA1C Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit by Ramsey and the second will be the Super Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit also by Ramsey.

A headphone amp kit is for audiophiles that simply want the best sound quality as well as customized settings to maximize their music listening experience.

As you know, many audio players such as stereos, mp3 players, and CD players do not have the best audio quality. Sometimes the volume isn't loud enough, other times the devices simply do not produce a clear sound.

By using a headphone amp kit, you can plug in your headphone and get more volume, clarity, and control over the tone and bass.

The amplifier does what it is intended to do, outputting more power so that you can get the sound you want from your headphones. All you have to do is simply plug in the amp to the audio source output. It's easy to use and perfect for people that want to remove the limits of certain devices.

iPods for example have a low volume output for many people. By using a headphone amp, you can get the volume you want as well as the clarity that you're looking for.

SHA1C Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit

Ramsey SHA1C Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit
Let's start by taking a look at the SHA1C Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit by Ramsey.

This particular model is around $30 in many offline and online retail stores.

This is one of the more popular headphone amp kits in the market and is recommended by many people.

It improves the quality of your music device but it is also versatile enough to be used with mixers, voice recorders, and other audio devices.

The SHA1C is built on LM-386 250 mW amps. Ramsey has taken the amp further by adding volume controls a power supply and a filter to stream quality sound straight into your headphones.

This model is perfect for your home. Just plug it in to any device and listen to a huge difference in the quality of the sound.

The SHA1C runs on 9 to 15 VDC and comes with a model with an AC power supply and without one. It's up to you which one to buy.

Customers liked the fact that this model produces a big and crisp sound when used with audio devices. Another thing that customers liked about this amp is that there are detailed instructions on how to set it up.

It is fairly easy to put together and doesn't require too much time assembling.

What a few customers didn't like is the slight difficulty in replacing the battery. You have to remove the screws every time the battery on the amp runs out.

For people who want more convenience, they should buy the model that comes with the AC power supply. You can simply plug it into a power source and let it run without any problems.

Best price on the SHA1C Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit

Super Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Super Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit
Let's move on and take a look at the Super Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit by Ramsey.

This model is more expensive than the SHA1C.

The SHA1C was built for a single line output but the Super Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit now has the ability to connect multiple headphones and allow for different controls for each headphone.

This model is a successor to the SHA1C. It uses standard 3.5mm headphone connectors for both looping input and dual outputs.

Many people would think that since you can connect multiple headphones there might be problems in the sound quality as well as other issues. But that is not the case with this model.

Each input is isolated so that it works without any sound distortions or problems when you daisy chain it or even when you run the headphones at the same time.

Like the SHA1C this runs on the 9VDC battery but you have the ability to use a power jack for convenience.

It's not simply the volume alone. You can customize each input with different treble, bass, balance, and loudness controls. And it uses a LED for signal level clipping.

Best price on the Super Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit

All in All

Each headphone amp kit featured here work without any problems.

If you want simplicity, you should go with the SHA1C. It is affordable and a simple model that does what it's intended to do.

If you want more options with customization, especially for multiple headphones, then you would want to go with the SHA2 (Super Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit by Ramsey). It is almost double the price but worth it for people who want the option of 4 different settings.

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