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Headphone Amp Reviews
Reviews of the FiiO E5 and Pro-Ject Head Box II Headphone Amplifiers

Here we review two headphone amp choices — the FiiO E5 and the Pro-Ject Headbox II headphone amplifiers.

When using headphones they might not always achieve the right level of sound that meets your expectations, leading you to either complain, or get a new pair of headphones that will meet your expectations.

What if you have already spent so much on headphones, or are really fond of the features of the headphones you bought? Well in that case you can get an amplifier.

Amplifiers are devices that change or increase the amplitude of a signal.

What is amplitude?

The amplitude is how the sound waves are measured that flow through your headphones. If you see a visual reproduction of sounds or music, you might see those lines that go up and down and shake like crazy.

Amplitudes are the visually represented difference of the wave's vertical distance between the extreme parts of the curve (the top and bottom). Sounds complicated? It does, but using an amplifier is luckily a lot easier.

Amplifiers can do quite a lot of things, for example increase the power gain of the headphones. This will increase the voltage that is used from your electrical outlet, thus allowing them to be louder.

Depending on the type of amplifier you can increase the efficiency of your headphones from 25% to up to 90% depending on what kind of class of amplifier it is.

FiiO E5

FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifiers
This 30g light 44×38×12mm amplifier is one of the smallest and most mobile headphone amplifiers in the world (perhaps even the entire universe).

It improves the quality and bandwidth of your headphones for anything you want to use your headphones for.

All you do is install the amplifier between the headphones and the product you are using them for, be it iPod or computer.

It can go up to 95dB and has a noise rate of 0.009% which means very little disturbance. The resistance your headphones will need is 16 - 300 Ohm.

It really is very, very small as it is only half as big as a credit card, but it holds its promises.

The robust metal build in sleek black has an integrated 20 hour strong battery, which can be recharged through your computer with a USB connection.

The bass boost turns sleepy songs into sexy songs without ruining the sound quality of the music at all. You can easily change the volume by a + or - which makes it very comfortable.

Best price on the FiiO E5

Pro-Ject Head Box II

Pro-Ject Head Box II Headphone Amplifiers
This 103×38×127mm and 600g amplifier is huge compared to the FiiO SuperUltraMini but just as good with its 0.005% noise rate and 11dB amplification.

The amplifier delivers great sound and improves the quality all together, making the sound feels as if it were in a higher resolution.

It improves the quality of the sound with any headphones but with some songs in which there is a lot more bass one might be demanding too much from the amplifier.

However if you enjoy classical music, jazz or similar styles you will enjoy the improved sound quality delivered by this amplifier which can, just as the aforementioned headphones, but plugged into your iPod or PC or whatever else you use to listen to music.

All In All

Amplifiers for headphones are great to improve the sound quality that goes through your headphones without having to get new headphones entirely.

Amplifiers will not, however, increase the quality of cheap headphones. So, if you had some default headphones that already have bad sound quality, the amplifier will not turn into a "magical box" that will turn your music into tunes of gold.

An amplifier is a great addition if you are an audiophile and want to enjoy every tune.

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