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Headphone Extension Cable
Sony RK-G138, Philips SWA2150W/17, Grado Extension Cable and Arista Audio Extender

This article will help you find a good headphone extension cable for your headphones.

If you are reading this article then you've probably had the same problem I've had before as well.

You are listening to music, then realize you just forgot something and as you are about to get up you feel a slight tug and sooner than you know it your headphones are at your feet.

Hopefully they are more or less robust and can withstand such an attack, but if you are unlucky you might have even lead the cable to get pulled out a little more than it should of the headphones. Then, the next time you want to hear something you can't, because your headphones are broken.

Well thanks to the invention of headphone extension cables you will have to worry no more, or only until you get far enough until they fall off either way.

Extension cables are great if you are going to stay within a room, doing some work and listening to music or using your headphones to talk to someone. You'll have to watch out though, because after a while those wires might get pretty tangled up.

Or you can avoid this problem altogether by investing in a pair of wireless headphones.

I'll shortly show you some good headphone extension cables and I guess you can just go by the rule: longer is better.

Sony RK-G138

Sony RK-G138 Headphone Extension Cable
This extension cable has a length of 3 meters (9.8 feet).

This can act either as a cable between your headphone and extension cord, or as a converter between stereo mini-plug and stereo phone plug or a connection between stereo UniMatch plug and stereo mini-jack.

But we don't really care about those since we are talking about the headphone extension function.

Basically it extends the length of the connection from your headphones to your computer or sound system by 3 meters.

The gold plated connectors have 2.5mm to 6.3mm adapters and are made of premium Sony quality.

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Philips SWA2150W/17

Philips SWA2150W-17 Headphone Extension Cable
No, this is not a spaceship number.

It is the "name" of the coiled headphone extension cable from Philips.

It reaches up to 20 feet in length (6 meters) and has nickel plated connectors and a bare copper shielding.

It is very flexible and has a PVC jacket.

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Grado Extension Cable

Grado Headphone Extension Cable
These headphones can reach up to 15 feet (4.5meters) in total and ends at a ¼ inch (6.3mm) jack.

The cables can even be piggybacked thus leading to up to 13meters (45 feet) of distance with no lower sound quality with their Grado headphones.

Now you can sit anywhere in your living room or work area listening to music and being allowed to do what you want.

The sound does not degrade whatsoever when piggybacked and this has been approved by reviewers.

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Arista Audio Extender

Arista Audio Extender Headphone Extension Cable
Not all extension cables are good though as the Arista proves.

You'd think that you couldn't do anything wrong with a simple cable that just has to extend the distance between yourself and the sound source, but Arista does it.

Connections are refused completely by this extension cable and the female side just won't go in to various types of headphones.

It is also touch-sensitive meaning that if you move or touch the connection at all that it will cease to function partially or completely.

It may only be $2 but if you spend a little more you will end up with reliable headphone extension cables and not an extension cable that has you playing around with the connection until your back is sore and then expects you to remain perfectly still as to not disturb the connection in the slightest.

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All in all you can get any headphone extension cable, as long as it isn't Arista or too cheap, as then you will probably be satisfied with the results.

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