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Headphone Extension Cord
Review of the Sony RK-G138 Headphone Extension Cable

In this article we review the RK-G138 headphone extension cord from Sony.

A headphone cord is a part of the headphone that simply connects the headphone to an audio or video source. This is the main difference between wired headphones and their wireless counterparts.

While wired headphones use the cord to connect to the audio or video source, wireless headphones use infrared technology and radio waves to synchronize the audio or video source with the base station which then sends signals to the wireless headset.

Headphone cords come in different lengths and quality. The quality of a headphone cord improves the overall sound quality of the headphone and reduces disturbances from distortions characterized by contact. The length of a headphone cord plays a vital function for different users.

Some people might prefer a short cord which enhances ease of use with portable music devices when moving or performing exercises while others may prefer long cords for use when listening to music some distance away from the audio source in a more comfortable spot.

This has warranted the need for extension cords which can be used with almost all headphone types. Extension cords can be supplied with headphones or can be bought separately.

Many headphones which are made with short cords come with an extra extension cord. These types of headphones were made to serve the need of users who prefer short cords and those who prefer long cords with their headphones.

There are a lot of different extension cords produced by different manufacturers on the market. These extension cords may or may not come along with different sizes of mini headphone adapters for compatibility with different headphones.

Extension cords come in different sizes and lengths to suit the needs of different users. Buying an extension cord for use with your headphone can be a blessing as they come in handy anytime they may be needed.

Sony RK-G138

Sony RK-G138 Headphone Extension Cord
The Sony RK-G138 audio connecting cable acts both as a connecting cable for your home stereo and video devices and as an extension cable for use with your headphones.

This cable acts as a conversion between your stereo mini-plugs and stereo phone plugs.

They can also serve as a connection between a stereo UniMatch plug and a stereo mini-jack.

They plug into your speakers or audio devices snugly and the connection is very reliable.

This headphone extension cord is about three meters (9.8ft) in length and when wound up weighs about 2.1 ounces. It transmits good sound quality without distortions or disturbances as a result of contact or movement.

They come along with gold plated connectors which help to transmit good sound quality from the musical source to the headphones. The connectors are 2.5mm in size with a 6.3mm adapter. This extension cord works with most audio and video devices, from stereo to DVD player.

A brand of headphone that is compatible with this extension cord is the AKG brand. Other headphone brands that have a 2.5mm headphone female connector will also work with this extension cord.

The Sony RK-G138 headphone extension cord makes it convenient for users to listen to sounds a little further away from its source. This extension cord is not too thin and not too thick. Its thickness makes it flexible enough to bend appropriately and thick enough not to get pinched or break easily.

Sony has got it right with the Sony RK-G138 extension cord as they serve multiple purposes, making them very functional indeed.

Best price on the Sony RK-G138


Extension cords may serve to extend your reach conveniently when listening to music. An extension cord that doubles as a connector cum extension cord for your headphone extends its functionality beyond most extension cords on the market.

The Sony RK-G138 is such an extension cord. Go get these now and you will find them doubly useful.

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