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Headphone Mixer Reviews
Three excellent mixer choices for any budget

A headphone mixer is a tool used in audio recording. With this powerful device, a user has the ability to listen to the mix of several different instruments at the same time combined as the audience would experience them.

The audio levels of each instrument then can be adjusted on the mixer to ensure that the user hears exactly what they need to on a song.

One of the most important times that a person would use the mixer is during the recording process. Since every instrument must be professionally aligned, this helps the singer, guitarist, drummer and all others involved play in a uniform manner.

A Selection of Mixers

As you browse online you'll notice that finding a mixer isn't too difficult.

Several companies make a great product that should meet your needs. Each has its own benefits and the available options come in a variety of price ranges.

ART HeadAmp V 5-Channel Headphone Mixer-Amplifier

ART HeadAmp V Headphone Mixers
With 5 channels of mixing and amplification, this proves to be a powerful contender.

With it, you can plug in instruments or a CD of your prerecorded tracks and be able to listen to your vocals mix perfectly with them.

All audio is delivered in the highest possible sound quality.

As you are mixing and working in the studio, this proves to be one of the most essential tools you can own.

Best price on the ART HeadAmp V

PreSonus HP60 6-Channel Headphone Amplifier/Mixer

PreSonus HP60 Headphone Mixers
When you need a professional headphone mixer, this should be your top choice. With 6 input channels you can get the most from your mix.

Users can strap on their headphones and be able to focus on their individual instrument as you play together in the band.

This is so powerful, that each individual can crank up their own instrument input and focus solely on it while turning out other instruments that affect their playing style.

Singers will find this mixer to be essential as they can hear their vocals above the instruments playing and have the ability to keep their focus on delivering high quality vocals that their fans demand.

When you have multiple singers in your band, this can prove to be essential as each individual is focused on their own voice and not trying to compete with the other vocals they are hearing.

Best price on the PreSonus HP60

American Recorder PMIX-100 3-Source Personal Audio Mixer

American Recorder PMIX-100 Headphone Mixers
Not every headphone mixer has to be expensive.

With this lower priced unit, users can have 3 audio sources coming in and work out a professional mix.

This can be the ideal solution for when you are connecting audio sources from a computer and stereos to help mix together the sound for your vocalist's portion of a track.

While it might not aid in the entire band getting together, on a limited scale it proves to be a good option.

Best price on the American Recorder PMIX-100


A headphone mixer is the perfect way to take any recording process to the next level.

They prove invaluable for individuals to get together and hear the music they are creating without struggling to focus on their own portion of a song. From the experienced professional to the start-up band this will prove to be an essential tool to have.

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