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Review of the Belkin Rockstar Splitter Headphone Accessory

When it comes to a headphone splitter, the Belkin Rockstar is indeed a true rockstar! Just wait till you see what we mean...

Different accessories can be used with headphones to enhance different specific functions such as improve sound quality and magnitude, enhance compatibility with different audio sources, enhance multiple use of headphones from the same audio or video source and increase mobility within a certain restricted area when listening to music amongst other functions.

A lot of accessories are provided with different headphones to enhance their usage.

Some accessories that come along with headphones in a box may include different sizes of headphone jacks and adapters which enhance compatibility with different audio sources, extension cords which enhance movement around a wider restricted area, different sizes of silicone tips and sleeves which come especially with earbud headphones and carrying cases.

A splitter is one very important accessory that in most cases does not come along with the headphone and may need to be purchased separately.

Splitters are basically attachments that fit into a headphone's jack which enables two or more people listen from the same audio source.

Each headphone can be plugged into available ports provided on the splitter and the splitter is then plugged to an audio or video source. Before using a headphone splitter to share music with a portable device, make sure the portable device is well charged as more battery life is used up when sharing music.

Most splitters come with a standard headphone jack size of 3.5mm. Quality of music is not necessarily reduced when using a headphone splitter and most good quality splitters will retain the same quality of music from your audio source.

Belkin Rockstar

Belkin Rockstar Headphone Splitter
The Belkin Rockstar splitter is a five-way headphone splitter that offers a great way to share music amongst friends and family.

It comes in a unique hub that allows users to connect multiple headphones and two or more MP3 players at a time.

This splitter enables up to five people listen to music from the same iPod or four people to listening to a combination of songs from two iPods.

This headphone accessory allows users to create their own music experience from the combination of two music players. Different songs can easily be mixed and listened to with the Belkin Rockstar.

It comes with the conventional 3.5mm headphone jack which connects most audio and video sources.

This device comes with one hard-wired plug that connects an MP3 player with the entire hub. Belkin has gone one better with this headphone splitter since a majority of splitters on the market were made to connect only two people to one audio source.

This accessory is also very small and lightweight which makes it very convenient for use when travelling. It weighs about four ounces and is sturdy enough to withstand some rough treatment.

Kids most especially will find this accessory very useful as they do not have to take turns in listening to music from a portable device.

The Belkin Rockstar does not need batteries to work. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage as you do not need to purchase extra batteries for this device but on the other hand they use up the battery life of the portable music device faster than normal.

A drop in sound quality may be noticeable if two or more headphones or iPods are plugged into this splitter but this is negligible and most users may not even notice this.

Best price on the Belkin Rockstar


A headphone splitter is a very good accessory that lets at least two people listen to music at the same time. But a headphone splitter that splits into five? Now that's something else.

The Belkin Rockstar certainly goes one better than most splitters on the market. This accessory is surprisingly very durable and can withstand stressful conditions.

Now if you want your music split into five areas or you want to listen to a combination or music from different iPods at the same time, then you need to get the Belkin Rockstar.

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