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Headphone Stand and Hanger Reviews

In this article we review three different headphone stand options; mostly in the form of hangers or hooks which are more popular as they do not occupy work space.

In recording studios everywhere, the use of headphones is a necessity. The problem that most producers face is where to put those headphones after they are done using them.

Some of those headphones can cost a nice piece of change, so protecting them is a priority. So let us look at a few different headphones stands and hanger models.

Raxxess Right Angle Headphone Hanger

Raxxess Right Angle Headphone Stands and Hanger
This is a very simple style of headphone hanger. This manufacturer, Raxxess, specializes in components and accessories for studio equipment; especially rack components.

This hanger is the HH2 right angle hanger. The HH2 attaches to the rack in an existing screw position.

No need to drill or use tools; just adjust to the desired position and tighten down the nut.

The HH2 right angle hanger is simply a peg that extends out and you place your headphones directly on it. This prevents damage to a necessary piece of equipment from just laying them down anywhere.

In this price range (under $10), you will not find a better headphone stand. It works with rack system home stereos as well.

Best price on the Raxxess Right Angle

Koss KSH1 Hold-A-Phone Hook

Koss KSH1 Headphone Stands and Hangers
Koss has been on the personal listening scene for many years. They know that customers need and want to keep their investment in headphones.

To meet that demand, they have developed the KSH1 Hold-A-Phone headphone hook.

Perfectly designed for home listeners at under $10, this hook is completely portable and can be switched to a new shelf or center in seconds.

The Koss KSH1 headphone hook is made of hard, durable plastic. No tools are needed as this hook is made so that it slips right over the edge of any stereo shelf or entertainment cabinet.

This provides a safe, secure storage spot for your stereo phones. You will always know exactly where they are and that they are safely stored away.

Best price on the Koss KSH1

Stedman SHH1 Stereo Headphone Hanger

Stedman SHH1 Headphone Stands and Hangers
From Stedman comes a Cadillac of headphone hangers. The SHH1 attaches to any microphone or music stand and keeps your headphones handy and safely stored.

Designed for studio use, one of these hangers can be easily attached to every stand in the studio.

That makes your studio look ready and professional at a glance for that all important first impression.

The Stedman SHH1 headphone stand has an overall length of 4 & ½" and a width of 2 &¼". The clamp fits stands with diameters between 3/8" to about 15/16".

Easily screws on securely and can be removed just as quickly. A brass clamp stud will not mar or blemish the stand it attaches to. This quality hanger is constructed entirely of metal and is extremely durable and affordable at less than $25.

Best price on the Stedman SHH1


Whether you are a studio musician, a producer or just a personal listener, you can have a place to store your headphones safely, securely and inexpensively.

Your headphones no longer have to be laid on chairs, the floor or a convenient table or mixing board. Protect your headphone investment with one of these headphone stands or hangers soon.

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