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Best Headphones for Jogging
Sennheiser PMX 80 review as well as models from Sony and Philips/Nike

We review three of the best headphones for jogging — Sennheiser PMX80, Sony MDR-J10 and Philips/Nike Aero SHJ070.

There are few things that a jogger looks for when it comes to the headphones that they wish to wear while working out. You will want to have something pretty air tight, definitely comfortable and something that will make the sound rock you off your feet.

The best headphones for jogging will incorporate these points into the design and there are a few models out there that will absolutely appease the jogger or workout enthusiast.

Sennheiser PMX80 Sports Series II

Sennheiser PMX80 Headphones for Jogging
One electronic company that is a forerunner in design is Sennheiser. They have been able to expound upon their expertise for years since their simple birth in 1945.

They are known internationally for the technology behind their microphones, are innovators in RF and infrared audio broadcasts as well as their headphone transducers.

Working in both the professional and consumer fields, Sennheiser is lauded for their sound equipment, as well as their development in the aviation and audiology sectors.

The Sennheiser PMX80 Sports Series II model is a behind the head earphone that is specifically designed for the avid sportsman in mind. The neckband is fashioned with vertical transducers making this particular headphone one of the best fitting on the market.

Absolutely phenomenal sound can be heard as you jog about your day courtesy of the powerful magnets in the construction. These are sweat and water resistant, which only adds to the comfort.

If you workout in the nighttime, no worries, there are reflective strips for added safety attached. Compatible with MP3s, the PMX80 comes with multiple connectors to work with most sound equipment.

Users rave out a whopping four out of five stars citing the secure fit and great sound as two primary plusses. "The perfect design for a runner", "natural bass advantage" and the ability to rinse these off under "lightly running water" make the PMX80 one of the best headphones for jogging.

Best price on the Sennheiser PMX80

Sony MDR-J10 h.ear

Sony MDR-J10 Headphones for Jogging
Sony is a giant in the music, entertainment, electronic, motion picture and arcade game industries. Inventor of the Japanese Victrola, they have been a powerful mover and shaker for quite a long time.

Some of the supplementary areas within the Sony Corporation include: Sony Entertainment, Sony Card, and Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Offices, RD and warehouses can be found all around the world.

Sony is famous for its inventions such as the CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc and the PlayStation and PSP.

Not only are the Sony MDR-J10 h.ear phones one of the best headphones for jogging, but they also do a phenomenal job if you are exercising, playing any type of sport, dancing or skating.

Clear and clean sound is generated through the vertical in-the-ear designed earpieces. The open-air design only adds to the comfort level, allowing the fitness gurus to wear them for hours and forget they're even there!

They don't slip and flip around and the chord is tangle free. Users rate mostly 3.5 out of 5 stars for the Sony product. The midrange is better than the bass, but the high tones aren't horrible either.

These are set up to work with Walkman, Discman or MP3 players. Ambient sound is minimized. The durability will have them lasting for years.

Best price on the Sony MDR-J10

Philips/Nike Aero SHJ070

Philips/Nike Aero SHJ070 Headphones for Jogging
Philips has its beginnings with Anton and Gerard Philips in 1891 Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their first product was a carbon-filament lamp and within ten years they were one of the largest companies in Europe and the largest in the Netherlands.

After the turn of the century Philips began its life with research labs dedicated to x-rays and radio technology, making them the grandfather of inventions in these fields. By the mid-20th century Philips had expanded even further, introducing the Philishave electric rotary razors, CDs, LaserVision optical discs and co-founded the PolyGram music recording label.

The 21st century continues with their innovations, research and development offering many sophisticated beginnings in the electric, health and well-being arenas.

A prodigy of this focus is the Philips/Nike Aero SHJ070 Feather Light and Secure Neckband Headphones. These are some of the best headphones for jogging since this model comes from a background of Nike's fitness innovations and Philip's interest in electronics and health.

The patented Nike AirPad ear cushions are fashionable and comfortable and the headphones contain a rear cable exit to prevent tangles. Extremely lightweight, the larger speakers give the consumer an excellent bass line.

The Aero is sweat proof and easy to clean. The majority of users dictate four out of five stars. Many agree, "These headphones are comfortable and have good sound quality. I would buy another pair of these if I needed to."

Best price on the Sony MDR-J10


The best headphones for jogging will vary with what precisely you are looking for. The Sennheiser headphones have the best sound quality, the Sony MDR-J10 h.ear model has exceptional sound and comfort, and the general use Philips/Nike Aero SHJ070 model is a great lower-end choice for the budget conscious.

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