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Headphones With Volume Control
Koss KTXPR01, Sony MDR-E89V Fontopia, Addidas PMX680 Headphone Reviews

Headphones with volume control can be used with a cell phone, mobile and personal home music device or any other personal communication device.

The key feature of these types of headphones is that they usually have a simple dial that you can roll up or down to either increase or reduce the volume of the sound respectively.

This ensures that you can adjust the volume of the music easily without reaching out to the actual music device in question. Selecting good headphones with volume control may be an arduous task for most people.

You may want to consider some simple features such as price range, kind of earphones suitable for you and a wire or cable winder before buying a convenient headphone with volume control.

A variety of different types of headphones with volume control are on the open market and an individual can get one for a good price.

Koss KTXPR01 Titanium Portable Headphones With Volume Control

Koss KTXPR01 Headphones With Volume Control
Portable headphones are headphones that can be used while one is on transit. They tend to be smaller than most headphones, more lightweight and possess certain features such as collapsible headbands and carrying cases that are more suited to on-the-go use.

The Koss KTXPR01 possesses these features and much more. Specific features of the Koss KTXPR01 include; adjustable volume control on the cord for easy access, layered diaphragm, headband with sling, ear cushions that provide hear through features and suitable size stereo plugs for home use.

The sound production and quality of this headphone is boosted by its titanium-coated high polymer titanium diaphragm coupled with a frequency response of 15-25,000Hz.

It produces solid bass response at a frequency of about 15Hz and all the other sounds that come at higher frequencies can be adequately heard without being drowned out by the bass sound.

Crystal clear sounds can be heard at practically any volume while using these headphones without any noticeable distortions. This over-the-ear headphone is comfortable on the ears but its ear piece has only one pivot point which users claim might not suit everyone.

The price for these headphones is also very reasonable for headphones of its kind. Economically, you have a great all round deal on the Koss KTXPR01 headphones with volume control.

Best price on the Koss KTXPR01

Sony MDR-E829V Fontopia Earbuds With Inline Volume Control

Sony MDR E829V Headphones With Volume Control
These earbud headphones are very light and portable measuring 8.3 by 7.9 by 7.9 and weighing about one pound in the shipment box.

These earphones have a frequency range of 12-22,000Hz which means that you can easily distinguish deep bass sounds at low frequencies from treble and the shriller soprano sounds at much higher frequencies for all round music enjoyment.

They also have a neodymium magnet which improves the sound quality from your music device considerably.

The Sony MDR-E829V Fontopia earbuds come with inline volume control on its cord for easy manipulation.

They are one of the best headphones with volume control in their category with a silent cap that allows you enjoy music at moderately low volumes without external noise interference. Hence, they can be recommended for listening to music while performing noisy chores such as mowing the lawn.

The Sony MDR-E829V earbuds are also very portable and can easily be carried around in a twist-up compact case that comes alongside.

These earbud headphones might take some getting used to especially if you are not a fan of earbuds. But the sound they produce can be compared to those of more expensive headphones as these come with a cheap price attached.

Best price on the Sony MDR-E829V

Adidas PMX680 Sports Earbud Headphone With Volume Controls And Neckband Holding System

Adidas PMX680 Headphones With Volume Control
Sports and exercise enthusiasts will absolutely fall in love with these headphones made by Seinheiser and branded by Adidas.

The Adidas PMX680 sports earbud headphones fall into the category of earbuds that are made especially for use while carrying out certain exercises such as jogging and hiking.

Basic features of these earbud headphones include; neckband for a more comfortable and exact fit, high output drivers for a more energizing sound, sweat and water resistant and its cables are made from durable high quality DuPont Kevlar material.

These earbuds are made in an ergonomic shape and design that would fit most ear canals without falling off while on the run. It uses one cord which is short enough to stay in place and out of the way but an extension cable is also provided to make the cord longer if required.

These headphones may not be suitable for exercises that require you to lay back on anything such as an exercise machine as the earbuds will get pushed out of your ears due to its taut neckband.

Also, they are not compatible with headgear that cover the ears and will provide slight discomfort if helmets and hoods are used with them on.

Best price on the Adidas PMX680


Headphones with volume control make life easier and you may want to choose one based on special needs such as the Adidas PMX680 earbud headphones that are basically used during exercises and sporting activities.

Portability plays a key feature though as most people need an earphone they can use while travelling and as such will be comfortable for extended use.

Other Headphone Options With Volume Control

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