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How do I setup two Zunes on one computer to share one Zune pass?

by swankster
(Washington State)

We have two Zune 120 players and want to share a Zune pass as well as music. Do I need to buy two passes? I hope not because that would be too expensive. Please help!!!


This is certainly possible and expected. You can share a single Zune pass between up to 3 Zune players. In addition, you can download music from a Zune pass on 3 separate PCs.

I share a Zune pass between my Zune HD and Zune 8.

When you connect your Zune for the first time to your PC, the Zune software will walk you through the setup process.

It will ask you to name your Zune and then in the next screen ask you to link your Zune account to your player. This step will allow you to use your Zune pass with your Zune. So repeat this process with your second Zune 120 and you should be all set.

Nisheth Joshi
Zune HD Information

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