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How to delete songs from your Zune

by Bob

I have a Zune 8gb player and I cannot figure out how to delete songs from it. I have downloaded from my music files but some songs are duplicated. I want them removed.

Also my music files are not in the Zune files anymore. They just disappeared. Please help.


Deleting songs from your Zune is easy! Here's how...

1. Make sure your device is connected to your PC via the sync cable.
2. Start the Zune software and you'll see a new "Device" tab appear.
3. Select the "Music" sub category.
4. You'll see a list of all the songs and albums on your Zune.
5. You can right-click any of these songs or albums and you'll see an option to delete that particular item from your Zune.

I'm not sure I understood your second question about the Zune files disappearing. To ensure all the music files on your PC show up in the Zune software just make sure that the settings are correct.

Under Settings -> Software -> Collection you'll find a list of music folders. Make sure all the folders on your PC that have music files show up in this list and you'll see that the music files will appear in the Zune software.

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