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How to download movies to Zune


I don't know how to download movies to my Zune. Can you help me?


Downloading movies to your Zune is a two step process.

1. Download the movie/video and make sure it appears in the Zune software. For this to happen you must copy the movie file (.wmv or .mp4) into a directory that your Zune software monitors for videos. You can set these directories in your software settings.

Go to Settings -> Software -> Collection and look at the "Monitor Folders" page. A "Videos" section shows you the folders currently monitored and you can add new folders here.

2. Sync the movie to your Zune. If you have your Zune connected to your PC the software will give you an option to sync the movie to your Zune if right-click on it.

Also refer to this Zune Videos article for more information on how to sync Zune movies and videos from the Zune Marketplace.

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