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Best Infrared Headphones
Koss HB 60, Sony MDR-DS3000 and AudioVox IR1CFF Reviews

Infrared headphones are a great alternative to the standard headphone as they allow you to move freely about without the use wires and cables. This is a great benefit to those of us out there that have a tendency to get wires into all kinds of tangled messes, not to mention sometimes having the stretch all the way across the room which only causes a hazard for those around us.

Infrared headphones don't need to use radio frequency (RF) transmission, so the user will experience a cleaner, crisper sound.

Koss HB 60

Koss HB 60 Infrared Headphones
One of the better budgeted items to select for purchase comes from Koss. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and with offices in Sweden, Koss has been operating since 1958.

Starting out renting television sets, Koss would later be the inventor of the first set of stereo headphones. The company's growth continued throughout the 1950s straight into the 21st century with its production of headphones, microphones, professional sound equipment and computer speakers.

The Koss HB 60 Infrared Clip-On Wireless Headphones are manufactured to work hand in hand with home theater networks, as well as video and audio usages. This model has a 250 square foot range and comes with clip on earpieces that easily rest atop your head.

With this range the HB 60 is allows you to roam freely away from the transmitter rather than having to remain directly in front of it. With the 3.5mm plug that is included, you can use these infrared headphones with virtually any audio-visual system.

The average reviewer for this Koss product presents almost four stars out of five. The HB 60 is lauded for its versatility, however some consumers felt the clip on ear pads began hurting their ears after a while.

You will be able to pick up the signal at four to five times normal, just be sure not to set the volume too high or you will get distortion and hissing.

Best price on the Koss HB 60

Sony MDR-DS3000

Sony MDR-DS3000 Infrared Headphones
Sony is a force of its own reckoning. The company has its feet in several different levels within the audio, visual and communications fields.

Some of Sony's subsidiaries are Sony Entertainment, maker of movies; Sony Card for memory cards; and Sony Wonder Technology Lab where new ideas bring forth new products. Famous for the co-development of the CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc, they are also the inventor of the Victrola and PlayStations.

The Sony MDR-DS3000 is a good midland choice for infrared headphones. The bass for the headphones is also the recharger and this model is actually compatible with Dolby Sound.

There is a built-in volume control for easy configuration to how you can hear. One of the more awesome pluses for the Sony MDR-DS3000 is the fact that it can produce sound in such a matter that you feel like you are experiencing surround sound.

With the IF signal the sound is much clearer than with RF technology and analog is also supported. The only modest drawback stated by users is the fact that you need to be dead-nuts in front of the base in order for the signal to work.

Despite this, consumer rating is nearly four out of five stars. Users state the "sound quality is excellent" and "my head doesn't get tired wearing them". The earcups are made of a material that won't make your ears sweat and the batteries can last years on end.

Best price on the Sony MDR-DS3000

Audiovox IR1CFF

Audiovox IR1CFF Infrared Headphones
Audiovox began in 1965 with John J. Shalam selling aftermarket car stereos and ten years later the company had reached $100 million in sales. By the end of the 20th century Audiovox had made its way into households worldwide with its stereo equipment and by the year 2000 the first MP3 player was introduced by the company.

As it continues to expand, Audiovox presents consumers with flat panel TVs, Sirius Satellite, home audio and multi-directional antennae for digital signal capture.

The Audiovox IR1CFF IR Wireless Single Channel Headset has an automatic level control so they don't overload, as well as an auto shutoff mechanism. The really comfortable infrared headphones are due to the foam earpieces with an adjustable band.

You put these headphones on and they will fit to your head size instantly. Customers love the flat folding feature, crystal reception, and can run off of standard AAA batteries.

User reviews are nearly five out of five stars! This model also works with most equipment, so these infrared headphones are a superb choice as a replacement.

Best price on the Audiovox IR1CFF


If you hate wires and cables running all over the house, or are tired of cranking the sound on your stereo to astronomical heights, then try a set of infrared headphones. With the IR tracking for the transmission you will always have a more precise sound that with the old analog headphones.

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