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InvisibleSHIELD ZAGG Zune HD Cover
Ultralight, Scratchproof Zune HD Protection

The InvisibleSHIELD ZAGG Zune HD cover offers the ultimate scratch protection for your Zune HD.

InvisibleSHIELD ZAGG Zune HD

About ZAGG

The InvisibleSHIELD product is the flagship product of the ZAGG company. Originally designed in 2005 to protect a wristwatch from scratches and nicks, it is now available to protect most popular consumer electronic products, including the Zune HD. It's also available for all legacy Zune MP3 players.

ZAGG stands for "Zealous about great gadgets" and is now a publicly traded company. They also go by the slogan "When others zig, we ZAGG!".

An Invisible Shield

The name says it all. The ZAGG invisible shield forms an "invisible shield" around your device which is practically indestructible.

It is designed using the same technology that the US military uses to protect helicopter blades from high-speed damage.

Check out this video demo showing an InvisibleSHIELD protect an iPhone from aggressive scratching using keys.


The invisible shield ZAGG Zune HD cover is made from a patented, scratch proof film that includes nano-memory technology.

The nano-memory technology is a very subtle texture on the surface of the film and has these major benefits:
  • Increased Durability - The self healing property improves scratch resistance as well as the life of the shield, and consequently the life of your device.
  • Improved Coverage - The flexibility of this material makes it possible to cover every corner and curve of your Zune HD.
  • Easy Install - High pliability translates to easy installation.
  • Drop Resistance - This material improves your grip making it less likely that you'll drop your device.

At only 0.2 mm thickness, this is the thinnest Zune HD case you'll find anywhere. And the scratch protection is top-notch. However, at the same time the invisibleSHIELD will provide limited drop protection as it is ultra-thin.

It is also easy to remove this case. It does not leave any sticky residue behind.

Here is another video showing the installation process of this cover.

Included Bonuses

This product comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it breaks before your device, ZAGG will replace it for free.


The InvisibleSHIELD ZAGG Zune HD cover offers the best possible scratch protection for your device, while being literally "invisible".

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