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by Lynn

Do you know if iTunes movies can be synced to the Zune? I can't seem to figure it out.

Hope you can help me out.


It is certainly possible to sync iTunes movies to your Zune. But you'll have to do some conversion first.

Apple distributes iTunes movies in protected AAC format. They are protected using Apple's "Fair-play" DRM. Unfortunately, this means that they don't really play fairly since they can be viewed only on compatible devices like iPod.

The solution is to use DRM removal software such as Aimersoft Zune Media Converter to first remove the DRM before syncing it to your Zune.

Here is the process to follow:

Step 1: Download the Aimersoft Zune Media Converter.

This is a free trial download which will allow you to test the conversion process. It allows you to convert 1 minute of your movie. If you like what you see you can buy the full version for $17.95 which will then allow you to convert the entire movie.

Step 2: Select the movie you want to convert by clicking "Add" on the menu bar.

DRM Removal Software

Step 3: Choose the Zune format you wish to convert to. You can optimize the output to the specific Zune version you own by choosing Zune, Zune 2 or Zune HD format.

Aimersoft Zune Media Converter

Step 4: Click "Start" and the conversion will begin.

This may take some time since it has to actually play the movie in order to remove the DRM. Quality will vary depending on how powerful your PC is. Video conversion is a very resource intensive process.

Step 5: After the conversion is complete use the Zune software to sync the iTunes movie to your Zune.

Hope this helps!


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Nov 09, 2009
by: Lynn

That is great ! Thank you so much for your help. I only have 2 movies to convert....I didn't realize when I purchased them that I couldn't put them on my Zune.

Now I know for the future not to use iTunes.
Will try this out and thanks again for the suggestion.

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