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JLabs JBuds Headphones
The Most Popular Earbud Headphones

In this review we take a look at several JBuds, the extremely popular earbud headphones from JLabs—which one should you choose?.

About JLabs

JLabs has been providing its customers with headphones that are not only affordable, but provide great sound quality as well. Their Jbuds in-ear models are no different (except in size, of course).

For as low as $10, you're getting great amounts of clarity, deep bass and noise isolation all in one tiny package. Plus, there are built to satisfy the customer's wants and needs from day one.

Even though you can find better quality in-ear headphones, it's hard to find ones with similar features at the price range that JLabs is selling theirs.

JBuds Hi-Fi

JLabs JBuds Hi-Fi Earbud Headphones
One of the pairs that JLabs has to offer are the Hi-Fi Noise Reducing ear buds. These are not only the cheapest ear buds at $10, but they also provide built-in noise reduction as well.

Keep in mind that most headphones with this kind of technology cost twice as much. Aside from that, you also get three sets of silicon tips for comfort and a secure fit as well.

The only downside is the audio itself. While you get loud and clear sound from them, many customers say that overall audio isn't mind blowing by any means.

Best price on the Hi-Fi

JBuds J2

JLabs JBuds J2 Earbud Headphones
JLabs also offers the J2 ear buds. For $20, you're basically getting an upgraded version of the ones above: better sound quality, built-in noise cancelation, and all of the same perks as the other.

However, the audio itself doesn't scream greatness right from the start. While the audio is clear, it's not as wide or warm as their more expensive rivals.

This is perfectly normal and these ear buds at least give you your money's worth.

Best price on the J2

JBuds J3 Micro

JBuds J3 Micro Earbud Headphones
Another pair that JLabs is selling is the J3 Micro Atomic ear buds. For $30, these are a step up from the Hi-Fi models when it comes to the audio quality.

You not only get extra silicon tips for comfort, but you also get a travel case to pack them away when you're not using them.

However, these ear buds do not provide noise reduction. For this price, it would be nice to see it implemented, but that's probably why they added a travel case instead.

As for the audio, many customers like these over the J2 ear buds due to the level of bass and treble provided.

Best price on the J3 Micro


Even though the JBuds line from JLabs is low in price across the board, you can find better ear buds for the same price.

There is one thing to remember: JLabs cares deeply about their products and consumers. If they drop the ball with one pair, they make up for it by either providing a refund or bringing out a better pair down the road to make up for their shortcomings.

It's rare to hear about a company doing this, but it's good to hear that they wish to keep their customers happy all around. Plus, they also give their customers multiple color options with each model to sweeten the deal.

So, which pair should you buy? It all depends on how much you wish to spend. Each of the models above has similar audio quality, but the best selling ones are the J2 and J3 ear buds.

If you just want an extra pair as a backup to whatever you're currently using, the noise reducing ear buds are a great choice.

For those who want the best audio experience possible, the J3s are probably what you're looking for.

Everyone else should at least give the J2s a try due to their popularity among eclectic music lovers.

You can find these ear buds and others from the JBuds line online and in some retail stores. Amazon also offers them in frustration-free packaging for those who hate having to break out a pair of scissors after buying a pair.

Also, make sure to shop around for sales in case any of these are being sold for less than the prices above.

JLabs may not be winning awards for design or technology, but they do provide the best audio quality for budget shoppers and audiophiles that wish to spend most of their money on music. Add in the color options and you get in-ear headphones that anyone can be proud of.

Other JBuds Headphones

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