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JVC Noise Cancelling Headphones
Reviews of the JVC HANC250 and JVC HANC80

Here we review 2 excellent JVC noise cancelling headphones, the JVC HANC250 which is one of the most popular noise cancelling headphones among all brands, and a cheaper alternative, the JVC HANC80.

What better way is there to enjoy music than without other sound interference in the background or from around you?

These headphones are ideal for flights on a plane, voyages by train or as the passenger in a car or bus. Naturally you can also just use them to enjoy music in your own home, which will usually have its own ambient noise as well.

Here we'll briefly go over some of the noise cancelling headphones offered by JVC.

JVC or Victor Company of Japan Ltd. is a Japanese electronics corporation which is better known for creating televisions or VHS video recorders.


JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones
The JVC HANC250 came out about 3 years ago and is specialized in, as the article title implies, noise-cancelling technology.

It is rated to cancel out up to 85% of the background noise and offers two JVC creations to support this.

The double housing structure of the earpieces are a first insulation layer, the second being the smooth memory foam cushioned earpieces that help isolate the background noises as well as be soft on your ears.

If you even want to you can switch the sound isolation off, in case you do want to hear what is going on around you.

You can fold it up nicely when you are not using it and they are also pretty lightweight. The battery life of these JVC noise cancelling headphones is supposedly around 50 hours.

The build of the JVC HANC250 is very nice and due to its light weight you barely notice it on your head. They are comfortable and actually go over your ears, thus enhancing the effect of the noise-cancelling which is very good.

Thanks to the excellently designed earpieces you can still barely hear anything going on around you even if you deactivate the noise-cancelling.

There is absolutely no hissing and it hits the higher and lower tunes correctly. Especially lower tunes are played very nicely. And as it is praised on the box it does indeed have an excellent battery life.

The best way to use it until it is completely empty in terms of battery life and then recharge it fully, this way you get the most out of your batteries. Just to be sure, keep an extra pair of batteries with you.

The only downsides are perhaps the fact that you have no audio regulation on the headphones, so you have to turn down your iPod or computers sound instead of the sound of the headphones.

The cable for these JVC noise cancelling headphones is also rather short so if you want to use it on your computer you should have it on desk level, rather than below your desk or farther away, as the cable won't be able to reach that far.

Battery exchange is also a little complicated as you have to pop out the right earpiece, but it isn't too much of a hassle.

Best price on the JVC HANC250


JVC HANC80 Noise Cancelling Headphones
The JVC HANC80 is a less expensive alternative to the JVC HANC250. They are cheap and still manage to suppress background noise.

The lightweight build of the JVC HANC80 is great and easy on your head and once you activate the noise cancelling you can barely hear anything around you.

There is also a nice accessory pouch for on the go which you can easily fold your JVC noise cancelling headphones into.

The higher and lower tunes go over quite well to any kind of heavy metal, hip-hop or other types of music. The bass is crystal clear and all in all the JVC HANC80 has great sound quality.

However, the up to 75% noise-cancelling is pretty hard to reach once you get into a plane. It seems to reach its limit once you get too close to airplane turbines, otherwise however, on trains or in cars, the noise-cancelling is decent and for the total price you can't complain too much.

On photographs these JVC noise cancelling headphones look smaller than they are. They are a little clunky if you want to use them when you are going out or using public transport but for long trips with the train or plane they are ideal.

The package also comes with an adapter for planes such as the 747-400 so you can put your headphones directly into the seat to listen to the music there in a, most definitely, better quality than the headphones available to you from the airlines.

Best price on the JVC HANC80

All in All

If you are looking for inexpensive but effective noise cancelling headphones, go for the JVC HANC80 as they will do the job.

If you want better noise-cancellation and you know you will be using these headphones a lot, then consider investing a few more dollars into the JVC HANC250 which might be a little pricy, but well worth the money.

The noise-cancellation is excellent on this model and you are guaranteed to not hear anything from your surroundings.

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