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Klipsch Image S4
High Quality Earbud Headphones for your MP3 Player

Here we review the Klipsch Image S4 earbud headphones, some of the best MP3 headphones you can find.

The noise isolating feature in headphones is a very important feature as it helps to minimize background noise when listening to music.

Many brands of headphones use different technology to input noise cancellation features. Suffice is to say that some headphones are more effective than others in cancelling out background noise.

The comfort and fit of some headphones help to isolate background noise. Snug fitting headphones that fit tightly over the ears help to block out background noise to an extent.

Headphones that employ high technology in cancelling out background noise are usually more expensive than those which use ordinary ergonomic features.

When listening to music with your headphones, background noise can be reduced by turning on the noise cancellation feature on the headphone if it has one. This serves to block out most background noise but background noise cannot be totally blocked out.

Some noise may still filter through but not enough to disturb listening.

Many people who travel constantly employ the use of different noise cancellation headphones to make listening in noisy environments bearable and their journey more enjoyable.


Klipsch Image S4
The Klipsch Image S4 headphones are mid-range, high-performance earbud headphones that deliver high quality sound.

Built to provide ultimate comfort when worn over the ears; these snug fitting headphones help to isolate background noise.

These headphones are relatively light, weighing five ounces and measuring 5 by 8 by 10 inches.

Basic features of the Klipsch Image S4 in-ear headphones include oval ear tips that fit into the ear canal for long term comfort, oval ear tip seal and dual magnet microspeaker that improve sound production.

The exclusive soft ear tips fit naturally into the ear canals, providing acoustic seal performance and effectively isolating background noise. These make long term listening more comfortable at lower volumes that are safe for listening.

Three different sizes of ear tips come with these earphones, hence, value for money is guaranteed as you won't be buying replaceable ear tips in the near future.

Sound production on these earphones is enhanced through the use of a moving coil driver per channel, covering a wide frequency range with dynamic clarity of sound. Deep bass sounds up to the tiniest high pitched sounds are represented in detail and you are unlikely to miss a beat.

The Image S4 in-ear headphone comes with different accessories that help improve usability and durability. Basic accessories that come with these headphones include small, medium and large sizes of oval ear tips, a stainless steel carrying case and an ear tip cleaning tool.

These headphones can be used with any portable device that uses a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Made with comfort and style, the Klipsch Image S4 makes a bold fashion statement, proving to be resilient when used for exercise with its strain-relief cord design.

The Klipsch Image S4 headphones are moderately priced at just over a hundred dollars. Cheaper deals can be found depending on the electronic store you purchase them from, but make sure a good warranty comes with your pair.

Balancing the price with its features, these headphones can be classified as a five-star quality range.

The Image S4 headphones require a burn-out period of about 50-80 hours before sound production can be optimally appreciated. This means you will be required to play music at approximately 25%-50% above normal listening volumes for that period of time.

Proper fit for the ear tips depend on the size of your ears but one of the sizes included should fit anyone.

These headphones are very good in isolating background noise, so be careful when using them outdoors as you may miss important background sounds such as the honking of a car horn.

Best price on the Image S4


Above all, the Klipsch Image S4 headphones are the pick of the bunch in their mid-range category of noise isolating headphones.

They are not overly expensive and are effective in carrying out their basic functions such as isolating background noise.

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