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Best Koss Ear Buds
Koss SPARKPLUG, Koss "The Plug" and Koss KE29E Isolating Earbud Reviews

In this article we review three of the best Koss ear buds as determined by consumer popularity—Koss SPARKPLUG, Koss "The Plug" and Koss KE29E isolating earbud.

About Koss

Koss was started in 1953 by its original owner, John Koss.

It was not originally a company that made headphones, instead John Koss rented television sets out to Milwaukee area hospitals. It wasn't until the 1960s that he and an old friend, Martin Lange, created the first Koss stereophone.

They quickly caught notice everywhere and became a favorite of many bands, crooners, jazz masters, and even the Fab Four.

Now, Koss creates some of the most well-known headphones in the world. The name is one of the most respected within the industry and when people buy the product, they know they've spent their money wisely.

The most popular Koss products are those that are noise canceling due to the level of noise the headphones or ear buds manage to keep out. However, this is not all they make.

Here we look at some of the most popular earbuds from Koss.


Koss SPARKPLUG Best Ear Buds
Ear buds can be incredibly useful for those long trips or even just a quick walk from one building to the other.

They allow almost complete silence excluding the music that was chosen and can be discrete enough that they don't bother anyone else.

Among the many people who use them, besides the majority of the world, are joggers, commuters, and those who simply don't like silence.

Unlike the clunky larger headphones, ear buds tend to be easy to miss and yet still very easy to hear.

These Koss ear buds are tagged "stereo in the ear" ear plugs. This unique ear bud design allows the sound to be directed right into the ear canal which allows for deep bass and great frequency performance.

The ear cushion material forms to the ear canal slowly which allows a custom fit as well as maximum isolation. These koss ear buds come with replacement ear cushions and operate at 10-20,000 Hz.

Best price on the Koss SPARKPLUG

Koss "The Plug" Portable Headphones

Koss "The Plug" Portable Headphones Best Ear buds
Any Koss ear buds are the perfect traveling companions. They are sleek, tiny, and affordable.

Not to mention that they are great for keeping out the noise and distractions.

Ear buds are usually easier to use than the clunkier, larger headphones and do not stand out as much which makes them a lot more popular with the majority of the people who buy the Koss ear buds.

"The Plug" is lightweight, weighs little more than a quarter ounce, and uses expanding foam to fit to the ear.

The expanding phone helps to block outside sounds while making the music easy to hear.

It can be used on either a portable device, like an MP3 player, or a home stereo system as it has plugs for both.

The sound is great for the price and the isolation is top notch. The overall sound quality is great and the bass is fantastic.

However, the foam does not stay compressed for that long so it is necessary to 'roll' it in between the fingers before putting it in the ear. They sometimes have uneven bass and it is difficult to be content with the distortion that is caused by heavy hip-hop music.

Finally, if the Koss ear buds are not inserted correctly it will cause a great decrease in sound quality.

Best price on the Koss "The Plug"

Koss KE29E Isolating Earbud

Koss KE29E Isolating Best Ear Buds
Portable Koss ear buds are great to have around for trips, running, or just a quick trip over to the grocery store.

They help to make sure that the world is not heard and only the music shows up on a person's radar.

The KE29E comes with three different silicon ear cushions for a customized fit regardless of the whether or not the person has a small, medium, or large ear canal.

It also includes a carrying case for storage and inline volume control in addition to a four foot cord. It is lightweight and runs at 15-20,000 Hz.

The volume and bass on these Koss ear buds are great, top notch, especially for the price. They are comfortable to wear and cancel more noise than genuine noise canceling headphones do. Unlike most headphones, the volume does not need to be all the way up to get the best of these ear buds.

The problems with these Koss ear buds are that the left wire that connects the headphones to the left ear bud is uneven, despite the sound being balanced.

The small plastic discs that are the speaker grills come off easily and could possibly require a trip to the doctor if they were to come off within the ear canal.

There is also a small rectangle that has sharp corners and gets tangled on absolutely everything, causing the ear bud to come out of the ear easily.

Best price on the Koss KE29E

Other Koss Earbuds

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