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Koss Noise Cancelling Headphones
Koss QZ 900 and Koss QZ 2000 reviews

We review two of the most popular Koss noise cancelling headphones — the Koss QZ 900 and QZ 2000.

About Koss

Koss Corporation is an American-based company that designs and makes headphones. The company is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was founded in 1953, by J.C. Koss.

The headphones that Koss produces are known as low-end headphones, but they are also reviewed as some of the best in their price range.

In 1986, Koss enacted a new warranty policy that gave a lifetime warranty to anyone who purchases any Koss headphones that are produced in North America.

Noise cancelling headphones are becoming some of the most popular headphones on the market. With noise cancelling headphones, you can drown out any outside noises and contain yourself in your own little world of your favorite music. These headphones are great for exercising, doing housework, doing yard work, etc.

Koss makes a variety of noise cancelling headphones that you can enjoy.

Koss QZ 900

Koss QZ 900 Noise Cancelling Headphones
One of the most popular models of noise cancelling headphones that Koss produces is the Koss QZ 900 Noise Cancellation Headphones. The MSRP for these headphones is $249, but you can shop online and find them for about $135.

With these Koss noise cancelling headphones, you can block out those annoying low frequency sounds that are in noisy environments.

There are two types of noise cancellation, active and passive. For the active, noise cancellation needs to be activated, usually by a power switch. But, with passive noise cancellation, the headphones and pads themselves do all of the noise cancelling.

The Koss QZ900 takes advantage of both types of noise cancellation.

To make the noise cancelling function work, you need a single AAA battery. The battery is not included with these Koss noise cancelling headphones, which can be a minor inconvenience because you will have to keep buying batteries as long as you use these headphones. The upside to the battery is that the battery life for these noise cancelling headphones is 50 hours.

The designing of the pads are used for the passive noise cancellation. So, you can avoid using the active noise cancelling altogether and just rely on the headphones themselves.

A carrying case for these headphones is also included, so you can take them with you wherever you go. And, the headphones fold up, allowing them to be even more portable.

The detachable cord that is included is 4 feet long and has a volume controller on it. The inline volume control makes these Koss noise cancelling headphones even more convenient, because you don't need to reach for your music source to change the volume.

The great features of these headphones match noise cancelling headphones of a much higher price range. The sound quality of the Koss noise cancelling headphones is also comparable to higher-end headphones. But, some consumers who have purchased this product complain that the bass of these is too overpowering.

Best price on the Koss QZ 900

Koss QZ 2000

Koss QZ 2000 Noise Cancelling Headphones
Another popular model of Koss noise cancelling headphones is the QZ 2000.

Listening to music on an airplane is next to impossible. And, when you crank up the volume on your music player so you can hear over the loud engines, your ears can suffer from fatigue, causing you to cancel you music listening plans.

These headphones were designed with people who ride on airplanes or are environments that have loud, intrusive background noise. This way, you can enjoy your music comfortably, without straining your ears.

The noise cancellation of these headphones can block most of the outside noise and allows you to turn down the volume of your music player and enjoy the music without exposing your ears to dangerous levels of sound that can cause many problems, including deafness.

These headphones can increase the clarity of music, allowing you to hear sounds that you have never heard before in your favorite music. This can let you rediscover you favorite songs in a whole different way.

One downside to this product is that they are awkwardly designed. This can cause them to fit irregularly when you wear them. Another disadvantage is the sound quality of these headphones is not as good as other headphones that have the same features in the same price range.

With a $135 price tag, you can get these Koss noise cancelling headphones and enjoy your favorite music wherever you go.

Best price on the Koss QZ 2000


Koss noise cancelling headphones can be very beneficial if you want to block outside noise that can disturb your music listening. Koss headphones are some of the most respected headphones in their price range, giving consumers great products with quality that can be compared to way out side of their price range.

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